High School Electives

High School Electives

Accounting - A basic class from Alpha Omega.

Music Appreciation - I made my own lesson plans for this, but we didn't find this class too fun. We're really not into classical music!

Food Prep and Nutrition - As homeschoolers I feel this is taught everyday when they help prepare the menu, go shopping,  and make dinner.  I am working on a checklist to ensure they don't miss anything I want to teach them.

Home Economics - Sewing class along with learning household care.

Photography - We are trying this course by Glenda Christina Photography

Computer Programming - Teen Coder - I don't like this program as it seemed too hard to understand, but some people may find it easier to figure out.  I will be changing to something else.

Computer Technology - This class can be many different things from learning Word, Excel, publishing and data management to making videos in Adobe Premier Pro (or any other software).


Astronomy- Signs and Seasons - This half credit course if fun for high schoolers interested in astronomy.

Art - Lots of different kinds of art to explore. We are making an art journal using different techniques.  These include watercolor, acrylic backgrounds, stencils, layering, and more.  You can find lots of samples on pinterest.

Quilting - I made a quilting class for my girls where we learn about color theory and value and then make a quilt from start to finish.

Woodshop - If you have access to a shop and someone to teach you this is a fun class!

Welding - same as woodshop

Horse Training - Our oldest learned all about horse training.  He bought and trained two- 6 month old colts.  He watched videos and read books to learn about horses and how to train them.

Foreign Language 3 or higher - If you are interested in visiting another country there are usually 5 levels of foreign language available from Rosetta Stone.

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