Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Modern Style Quilt with an Old Fashioned Vibe

60" x 72"

I sold a bunch of my fabrics about a year and a half ago. And by bunch, I mean yards and yards and yards of it. Don't worry...I still have a bunch! I wasn't asking that much per yard so I decided to keep these half square triangle pieces I had already cut with my accuquilt cutter because I knew that I could make them into a quilt. I just needed a pattern that would make use of them. 

The only backing fabric print that I had that matched was this marbled blue one because I sold all the old fashioned, floral prints. They are just not my style. I do love this dark/light pattern though as it seems to have taken these old fashioned prints and added a modern flare to it. Maybe just a little, enough for my liking. 

And it feels good to make another quilt with fabric that I had on hand. Things are looking cleaned up and organized around the sewing room. What shall I work on next? I have a small wall hanging that is calling my name.


Friday, September 10, 2021

Muted Scrappy Rainbow Quilt

I have been slowly working on using up leftover scraps this year. This top of this quilt is mostly scraps leftover from a quilt I made several years ago. I had more than half of the quarter square triangles made too because there were erroneously made with that first quilt. Those were my starting point for this quilt. I found a pattern that would use them, plus add in the pretty muted rainbow fabrics as well.

The blocks are 6 inches finished. This is an nice pattern for using any of your 2.5" scraps. I will probably use it again if I have leftover gray fabric. I had tons of this gray fabric on a bolt in the closet so I used it for the back and binding too. It's a lovely quilt. I am pleased to get all those pieces out of the closet and not have to buy any fabric.  


Monday, August 16, 2021

A Little Wall Hanging for Me!

While I haven't been getting as much sewing time as I would like lately, I have been cleaning up around my sewing room. I had these tiny little scraps left from a quilt I made years ago. They were the corners that got cut off from a snowball block. They were already sewn into HST so all I had to do was trim them.  These little half square triangles finish at 1 inch!!! It's the smallest block I've ever made. I chose this star pattern - can you see how they are interacting?

It took longer to sew this top together than a baby quilt! I just worked on it one section at a time and soon it came together. I took a photo of each quadrant to make sure nothing got turned around while sewing.

 I wanted to do something different for the quilting. Straight lines or diagonal lines didn't seem like they would work, so I thought of something curvy. I quilted a loop in every square alternating up and down so I could quilt across the rows. Not perfect, but I love the amount of quilting on it. It has nice texture and is laying perfectly flat. 

I've also been working on 2 lap quilts, and I Spy quilt, and another wall hanging made from some bright leftover HSTs from another project. Nice to have projects laying around for when I can sneak in some sewing time. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Harbor View Quilt Pattern

I've been dreaming of the water this summer. Harbor View is the result of my dreaming! I love the watery blues and mossy greens in this quilt. The pattern is just as fun as the fabrics! I've made the throw size, but the pattern comes in 5 sizes from baby to king. 

The best part of this pattern is that I've written it for fat quarters, yardage, and jelly roll strips. You can use one or all three if you like! I used half of a jelly roll and then added a few fat quarters. The quilt comes together quickly because of the strip piecing directions. 

I know you always want to see the back of my quilts, so here it is. Two of my favorite blue fabrics with a little green to slit it up.

You can find Harbor Side pattern in my shop. I've got some additional colorways designed for you to see in the listing to inspire you. I hope you're getting some vacation time in this summer. I'm hoping to get some time soon  myself! 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Scrappy Rainbow Quilt

I'm still working my way through my abundance of scraps. This one is fun - I always like when a rainbow is on the diagonal. The colors scraps are cut 2.5 x 3.5 so I used my 2.5" strips for this quilt. I also used some scraps of Kona snow cut to 1.5" x 6.5". 

So many yummy fabrics! I found this arrow print in my stash of backing fabrics. Not my favorite I must say, but everything else I had didn't go at all.

The binding was a challenge. Usually I would have gone with snow, but the back is whiter than the front so neither white or snow was going to work. I tried blue and red, but didn't like those either. My husband came to my rescue and told me to try purple. Yep, I like this purple. 

 Summer is the perfect season for a happy rainbow quilt. Especially since we have had so. much. rain. I'm not really ready for the hot weather, but at least the rain is finally done and spring was cool.  I'm happy for any time I get to spend in my sewing room no matter the weather!  

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