Friday, February 28, 2020

Bee Squared

This is Bee Squared a quilt pattern my son and I designed a while back. There was just too many things on my plate to get it sewed up. But now it's all finished and ready for you!  I made the throw size in Pepper and Flax. It's just lovely. But it has been so windy that I had trouble getting a perfect picture. That is still on my list to do. 

Here's the queen size in Summer Sweet. I think I would really enjoy this on my bed! But I don't dare add that to my to do list.  Bee Squared comes in 5 sizes from baby to king. The pattern is written for the least amount of fat quarters, but I think it looks better with more. Scraps could even be used for the smaller sizes to add variety and use up those scraps. 

You can find the fabric requirements and the pattern in my shop.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Scrappy Doll Quilt

My daughter was playing with her fabric scraps a while back and had laid them out on my design wall. I love that she had lined them up in strips of color.  She loves order just as much as I do. I suggested that we turn it into a doll quilt. The scraps were all different sizes, so much trimming was necessary.  The wonkiness adds to it's charm don't you think?

I has just finished the table runner so was in the mood to continue with my new quilting practice. Josie asked me to quilt some words on her quilt. Okay, sure! Without a plan, I started with her name on the second row. But then has a thought, wouldn't hearts be so cute!  Never having done those, I plunged right in on the top row trying to figure out how to do a continuous heart pattern. Let's just say it needs some work before I try it on a big quilt. I did 3 more rows of this pattern. The other rows are either loops across or words with loops.

The back is also made of scraps that were awaiting their turn to be cut and put in the scrap bin. Josie helped me pick out ones that went together.  It's a perfectly fitting for a little girl to play with her dolls. And when she is older, she will be able to look back and see that her mom loved her enough to not worry about messy quilting. Hearts are hearts, and love is love. Imperfect is perfect.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Mini Picket Fence Table Runner

This table runner is purple and floral and ready for spring! It's a new pattern by Myra of Busy Hands Quilts called Mini Picket Fence. I whipped this one up pretty quickly with a charm pack and some Kona cotton.  

The quilting is a bunch of wavy lines. Most of them cross at several points along the path. I was trying to do something new with an organic feel but similar to the wavy lines that I use on the postcard quilt.  It does have good texture, but next time I want to try lines that are a bit straighter. Small projects are the perfect place to try something different than my standard meandering.

Myra has a bunch of new patterns in her shop. You can find them here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Frolic Quilt

72" x 72" 

I am excited to say this quilt is finally finished! I really love the color combination and am thinking I will use it again in the future. I left the border off completely because I am not a border person and this quilt is more than big enough without it.

Turquoise replaced the lighter blue in the original color scheme because I love bright colors. I also was very specific in my placement of blocks - alternating the navy and the blue. This meant swapping some of the pieces during the last clue, but I had enough cut to get it done. (There were so many pieces left over!)

While I was tempted to keep this beauty, I managed to resist. It did sit on my couch for a couple days, but now it is happily resting in the closet awaiting it's buyer.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Scrappy Trip Along Quilt

First finish of 2020 is this beautiful Scrappy Trip Quilt. It's cold and gray out this week so I will need to get a better picture of it, but I couldn't wait to share it with you! I love this pattern so much I think I could easily make several more. I chose to do the version that alternates with white, but the classic version is so nice too.  If you want to see some more quilts check out #wwscrappytrip on instragram.

To make this version you need blocks that have prints running up and blocks with prints running down. Make an equal number of blocks of each kind. 

My fabrics are plum, blue, and a grassy green color. Not Seattle Seahawk colors!!! (Myra!) Hopefully the sun will come out soon and I can get some better pictures. I always struggle to get good ones anyway white a white background, but I am determined to do better this year. 

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