Thursday, May 24, 2018

Regatta Quilt #2

Regatta quilt #2 is finally finished! (You can see #1 here.) This one has been sitting out on the hallway rail since I finished the other one. Was that January? I don't remember, it's been so long!  I was not loving this as a quilt top with the gray, but now that it's quilted....I LOVE IT!  Amazing what a little quilting can do.

I quilted varying sizes of swirls on all the colored strips and a back and forth on the gray including the little blocks in each row between the colors. The texture this created is so wonderful!

I really wanted a green fabric with red lady bugs that was as Joann's earlier this year. But the day I went to get it they had just sold most of it. There wasn't enough left for the back of this quilt. So I settled on this green floral print. I settled.  I wish I had been more patient with buying the back because I really think I could have found something nicer. 

I hear that Roseanne is doing a final update soon on the Regatta Quilt Along that she hosted, so if you haven't finished yours yet, there is still time!

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Wrangler - A New Pattern

 Today I am excited to release my newest quilt pattern - Wrangler. It is a combination of modern and traditional styles. The cream colored rectangles are the lassos and represent the cowboys and the modern part of this pattern. The navy stars represent America, patriotism, and freedom and are the more traditional part of this pattern.  I love the rustic fell of this quilt!

The key to success in this pattern is choosing an accent fabric (the star points) that is darker than the rest of the prints. Here is the pattern in some different fabric lines. The first one is Elementary by Moda shown below.

But I wanted to show you some more looks you can get by changing out the background and star fabrics.  This one is made from Kate Spain's Voyage with purple stars and an aqua background.

Choosing an accent fabric that is closer in value to the rest of the prints will also be successful, but will provide you with a softer look like the one shown in Moda's fabric line Scrumptious. So pretty!

Lastly, a fun rainbow of colors off set with a gray background and navy stars. Because who doesn't love a bright and cheery quilt!

I made the lap size quilt, but the pattern has instructions to make the quilt in 6 sizes - Wall, Baby, Lap, Twin, Queen, and King.

If you'd like to purchase the pattern it is available as a PDF download on Craftsy or Etsy.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Custom Wall Hanging

28" x 36"

This was a custom request from my shop and I just wanted to post some info about in case I need it later. I am always forgetting and wishing I had it wrote down somewhere or forgetting where I wrote it down. Must be getting old!

1. Remember to reverse any letters/numbers before you trace on Heat n Bond Lite!!!
2. Shorten stitch length on raw edge applique.
3. For satin stitch I used the settings 3.5 and 0.3 and thread matches top fabric.
4. Corner hangers are cut 4" square and sewn on with a needle position of 4.7.

Nope, I have no idea why they wanted that appliqued other than it is a gift for a wedding. I did a straight stitch on the black letters and a satin stitch on the all the red pieces. The background was quilted first so that I wouldn't have to stitch around the applique. I thought I had seen Vicki do that before, but the stitching lines can be seen (not the thread, but the texture) under the applique. Maybe it looks better if you wash it?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Pixelation Quilt

32 x 32

Pixilated Rainbow is a new quilt pattern from Myra at Busy Hands Quilts. I love the ombre effect that is created with these blue fabrics!  This pattern comes in many sizes, but I made the baby size. Now I am wishing I had made a lap quilt because I just love this one. Strip piecing make this quilt come together very quickly.

I quilted mine with wavy lines to mimic the water feel of this quilt. It was fast and easy and who doesn't love that?

I chose a medium blue print from my stash that matched the center of the quilt for both the back and the binding. 

Myra's got several quilts in this pattern to show you on her blog today. Hop on over there and see what other fabrics look like in her new pattern. You can buy Pixelation here.

Friday, May 4, 2018


50" x 70"

This quilt pattern is called Matrix. Isn't it awesome in a rainbow of colors? I actually made one of these for myself a couple years ago. I had it listed in my shop as a made to order quilt and someone purchased it. You can find the pattern here.

The quilt I made for myself had a scrappy back which I just love, but for this one I just used a gray paisley print.

Rose asked to see my quilt holder helpers, so I snatched this photo when we were taking pictures of my Ships and Sailors quilt. It was so windy that week that it took all 5 of these guys to hold the quilt for me. Oops, I mean 6. There is one hiding under the quilt! I had said, "Drop the quilt!" My husband was the last one to hear me I guess. The kids had already figured out what I was doing. 

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Cookie Cutter Quilt

56" x 72"

A customer asked me to make this quilt. It's called Cookie Cutter by Jaybird Quilts. It's a beautiful quilt and full of color. I didn't realize how many pieces were in this quilt until I received the pattern. They are all cut with a special ruler called the Super Sidekick Ruler. It was easy to use and the directions were clear.

I was nicely surprised how easily the blocks came together...and with no pinning! I didn't have to pin until sewing the blocks together so it went much faster than expected.  It looks lovely in the original Kona cotton colors Bubble Gum, Nectarine, Papaya, Canary, Chartreuse, Leprechaun, Bahama Blue, Water, Surf, Regal, Tulip, and Wisteria. The back is Bahama Blue.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Key to My Heart

55" x 72" 

Myra from Busy Hands Quilts has completely updated her Key to My Heart pattern. I made the large lap size in Lilly and Loom Daisy Delights fabric.  Myra's pattern writing skill has greatly developed since she started over 3 years ago. If you haven't bought this pattern yet, I think you will like the simplicity of the directions.

You can use yardage or a layer cake to make this beautiful quilt. I think there may even be a price discount later today so be sure to check out her pattern shop.  You can see a different version on Myra's blog today using batiks and a dark background. It's stunning!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ships and Sailors - A New Pattern

Introducing my new pattern called Ships and Sailors! It comes in 6 sizes from Baby to King. The pattern includes directions for a 3 fabric quilt from yardage or a multi-fabric quilt from fat quarters. 

This blue quilt is a large lap generously sized at 70.5" square. It is made from 3 different blue fabrics, a light, a medium, and a dark.  It shows off the pattern nicely with the dark fabric as the anchor. (Pun intended!)

This green and black version is a small lap quilt sized at 56.5" by 70.5". This one is made from fat quarters. I love that you can still see the blocks, and it almost sparkles like gems.

You might be wondering where I came up with a name like Ships and Sailors. The name comes from a game my kids like to play. They learned it at camp several years ago. It is very similar to Simon Says, but it involves a captain and his shipmates. As I was designing this pattern, I thought of this game. Mostly because I was working with blue (it's my favorite color) and the blocks remind me of boating.

You can find Ships and Sailors as a PDF  in my pattern shop at Craftsy and Etsy.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Postcard Quilt Along - Finished!

The Postcard Quilt Along is coming to a close and now we can see everyone's completed quilts. I am excited to see all the variations on this pattern.  I made a King size quilt with two pillow shams. 

102" x 114"

I love the color in this quilt. Such a beauty! It's quilted with wavy lines and backed with gray.

The pillow shams have no binding this time. Last time I used yellow binding. Can't decide which I like better.  The pillow backs are gray also.

Thanks to Sandra for all the work you put into this quilt along. Hop on over to Sandra's blog to see all the beautiful quilts and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Custom Memory Quilt

88" x 88" 

Would you believe me if I told you this entire quilt top was made from men's dress shirts? Well it was! I used 6 white long sleeve shirts for the background and 17 colored dress shirts. The shirts were in very good condition, but because they were so tightly woven, my sewing machine didn't like them.  We plowed through it though and she is happily back to sewing her favorite cotton once again.

I made 4 pillows in different patterns, each of them are 16" square. The first two come from the quilt pattern and the last two are just HST patterns.

I used 4 of the shirt backs to make the pillow backs. I picked a variety of colors in the medium tones so nothing would stand out too much.

This was a big project (mostly because I couldn't use strip piecing), but it turned out so well. It looks just like it was made from quilting fabric and it will be a lasting memory of her husband.

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