Monday, December 26, 2011

Plus Quilt

These fabrics are really bright green and purple. These fabrics were a steal at Joann's so we got them to make a quilt for her bed. Becca even sewed some of rows together!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sherry's Quilt

This quilt is so rich and warm in person. I don't think the pictures do it justice. I had to make a quilt without buying any fabric...I wasn't sure I would have a backing! But we pieced enough to make the back coordinate with the front. I'm so glad we went with this instead of something that didn't match the front at all! I quilted in free motion all over, a quick and easy pattern.

Minky for Twins

I really wanted to try Minky...not so much anymore. What a pain to sew with! I was going to make a rag quilt with the squares that I cut, but then I found out minky doesn't fray like flannel. So I decided to do the top in minky and use a flannel backing. Sewing the top was hard because the squares shift on you even when you pin them. But once I got it on the quilting machine, it quilted easily. No batting on these as they are think and warm already and so soft! I love the finsihed product but no the piecing process! As I was sewing the tops (especially the second one) I told myself, "NO MORE MINKY!" But after I finished the them, they are so wonderful.....I think it's like having a baby - after a while you forget about the delivery and want another!

These are for a set of twins at church, I thought the "almost matchiness" was perfect!

I put a flannel monkey pattern on the back, next time though it should be something darker.

Une Belle Fille

Lindsay's quilt is French for - A Beautiful Girl. We went with the french words since it has a Paris fabric as the main one. She sewed all the small blocks together and then did all the ironing for me as I finished it. This was her first quilt to quilt by herself. She did a lovely feather panto on it. We appliqued the words on the cream after we used the cricut to cut the fabric.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Leaf Quilting

This is the first quilt done on the front of the machine. I started out using a template for the flowers and the leaves. Then realized I could freehand the leaves and look just as good. I was really hoping the flowers (which are quilted on the purple flower print) would show up more, but it is the leaves that really stand out. Good for fall!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chenille Quilt

This was so easy to make! I wish I had chose different colors for the chenille now, but that's how we learn! The green wasn't dark enough and red would have been a great choice.

This quilt has 5 layers of flannel, the bottom 4 are cut into strips after sewing the lines. A chenille cutter is a must. It is so soft and warm!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival


Welcome visitors from the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

This is my version of a ticker tape quilt. I bought a kit with this cute baby girl fabric in it, but the fabric was printed crooked! Oh no! What to do? I had been wanted to try this technique so I cut up the fabric and some from my stash, laid it out, spray basted it, and sewed it on top of the quilt sandwich with a zig zag stitch. It worked out very well. Thanks for looking!

For the Love of Music

I made this quilt as a very special gift. I was excited to add the music quilting pattern to it (after much practice on the big machine). It turned out lovely.

Star and Loop

The quilting machine is here! This is my first real quilt top on the machine. I used a star and loop pantograph to quilt it. I love the ability to quilt all different things now!

Lindsay's Rag Quilt

Lindsay loves pink and brown and she wanted to have a rag quilt. I did all the sewing, but she did all the cutting! It took quite a while for her to cut each and every square, but she persevered!

Film Strip

This quilt reminds me a a film strip, hence the name. This is a disappearing nine patch pattern. I love how the black makes the beautiful fabric stand out!

The Orange Horse Quilt

What do you do when your son asks for a quilt with orange and horses? You make an orange horse quilt! I added a little gray and brown. He didn't want too much quilting, so I quilted a V pattern alternating rows.

Double Sided Quilt

After the front of this quilt was made, we decided to duplicate the pattern on the back without the penguins. It was very challenging to match up the top and bottom when I basted it, pulling a lot in some places. But it turned out beautifully!

Ocean Quilts

These two twin size quilts were made from my ocean fabic stash. Free motion quilting on both. Even though the quilting turned out very nice, it was extremely tiring!

I Spy Quilt

I entered a fabric swap to get all these cool fabrics. The kids love finding things while playing I spy.

More First Quilts

Becca wanted a rainbow quilt and she chose these fabrics. I quilted it with swirvy lines.

Josh helped sew the matching quilt that we made for his bed. We had some squares left over so we put this little one together. My first straight line stitching. I won't be showing the back of this one!

I like the lines on this one. It was fun and quick to sew.

Veggie Tale Quilt

This was one of my first quilts. I was just learning to make a quilt top and I had never quilted a top before so I sewed straight lines along the black sashing. Still one of my favorites.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rhonda's Quilt

  I designed it in photoshop using all squares.   The quilting helps it look overlapped.
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