Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pink and Brown Posies

Here is a cute almost spring time quilt for this week.  I wanted to use up the brown floral print because it was in my closet.  It turned out a little darker than I like, but I had already pulled the fabrics before I picked the pattern...I really need to stop doing that! 

It is a one block quilt pattern.  Sorry I forgot to get a picture of the block.  It is 8 x 8.  You can see the block in the corner - it goes from orange to green on the top and green to yellow on the bottom. Then you just rotate it for the next one. 

The back reminds me of skittles for some reason.  I think it is the colors of the rainbow!  :)  Have a happy week!


  1. So cute! Love the pixelated posies. I frequently pull fabric before choosing a pattern. It is great for stashbusting.

  2. Looks great and it's always good to be able to go to the 'stash' and pull for a quilt!!

  3. The shoes match the back of the quilt perfectly. I find choosing the fabric easier than picking out the pattern first, especially if it is a piece of fabric I want to get out of my collection. Another great quilt...

  4. That is an interesting block with the pattern only appearing when the blocks are assembled. It looks like it would be easy to make a mistake. Hurray for a springtime finish!

  5. Shannon all of a sudden I saw a secondary design!. This is a neat pattern. Your quilt is great!


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