Thursday, July 30, 2015

Row Markers

This was my birthday present from my eldest daughter!  She found it on pinterest somewhere, snuck off to the craft room and whipped them up.

It's made from a quilting pin, a letter bead, and a small silver bead.  They are hot glued to each other. We didn't have any number beads (but they do sell them at Hobby Lobby), so she used alphabet beads.  I have already been using them for a quilt that just happened to have the rows marked with letters!

If you make these yourself, make sure to use long pins.  These are a little too short to go through multiple layers.  But they are still pretty awesome.  No more sticky notes for me!


  1. Such a neat and thoughtful gift!
    Happy Birthday Shannon!

  2. How nice of her! I'm teaching my niece to quilt (she's 9), and she's learning about keeping rows in order.

  3. So sweet! Happy Birthday! I have been pinning post-it's on blocks for my nieces this week. I use flower pins with number written on them.

  4. Great idea!! Thoughtful daughter you have :-) Happy Birthday.


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