Friday, January 27, 2017

Another Chunky Race Quilt

 49 x 59

This is my last chunky race quilt for a while.  I really wanted to try some open feathers on this one, but when I got to looking at the top of the quilt, it didn't really say open feathers to me.  So I dug out my pantographs and picked this swirly one.  I haven't done a panto in a while so it was good for my brain to try this one out.

After a couple tries of getting the prep work correct, I finally got to quilting.  I even took some time to teach a friend of mine about pantos.  She just got a new longarm and hasn't even loaded a quilt yet. We went over all the steps and man was there a lot that I just do without thinking. There are a lot of extra steps for a panto that I don't do when I am meandering.

Leftovers on the back to use up some stash. This is a fun and fast pattern that I know I will get out again later.  But right now, I'm ready for something new!


  1. This is super cute. I see some open feathers in the panto you chose. I especially love how you repeated the piecing design on the back.

  2. The quilting looks really good with this quilt.


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