Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Use Your Stash and a Baby Quilt

 40.5 x 45
Up first is this cute little patchwork baby quilt. I love this kind a quilt because it doesn't take long to put together.  I had some gray circle fabric left over from a larger quilt and so I used it on the back of this one. 

I have a confession to make - I only finished 3 quilts this month and 2 of them were baby quilts! WHAT?  Yep, it's the truth.  But in my defense, I have got 2 tops ready to quilt and 8 more all cut and ready to sew.  My longarm has been giving me some trouble and I think I just didn't want to deal with it.  But I finally made myself fix it and now things can get back to normal.

How have you been doing on using your stash this month?

Fabric Usage
In:  0
Out: 19
Net:  33.75


  1. I had noticed you were low on posts this past month!! But it seems you kept busy so that is always a plus! Pretty fabrics in this baby quilt.

  2. 3 quilts in one month sounds pretty good to me! 😘

  3. A sweet finish. You've made lots of progress toward finishes!

  4. Cute quilt! I'm happy to hear you procrastinate some things as well. I have some months that aren't as busy and I find them rejuvenating.


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