Friday, July 28, 2017

Custom Table Runner and Place Mats

 20 x 72

I had a customer request a bargello table runner and 6 place mats the other day. She wanted a 6 foot long runner. I didn't realize how big this runner was going to be until I started making it! It is so big it doesn't fit very well on my 8 person table. I changed up my regular bargello pattern to give it some more curve since it was only 20" wide.

The place mats are 12" x 16".Originally she wanted bargello mats too, but decided it would be too busy on her table. So we went with a simple stripe pattern instead.  I added in a few extra fabrics so each mat would have less colors but more shades.  The binding on every thing is a gray solid, even though it looks a bit blue in these photos. I quilted everything with a gray thread in a meander to tie it all together.

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  1. The runner is beautiful but yes indeed a long one! Last year a friend wanted a long one like this but so skinny at 14" I think or maybe it was 12. Anyways I talked her into 2 separate ones and then placing an arrangement in between. She was happy in the end.

  2. Yes, please! These are fantastic! I must make them one day.

  3. This is so beautiful! I love the place mats are each a different color.

  4. such beautiful table the idea of the striped placemants.

  5. These are so beautiful. Your customer is so lucky.

  6. I really love the unbargello placemats to go with the runner. The whole set turned out so attractive!


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