Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Melody - A New Quilt Pattern

This is my new scrappy quilt pattern called Melody. It's made from scraps - small scraps. I have a tub of strings that I used to make this quilt. I love the movement in the rows and this is what prompted me to name it melody. It's got a nice flow just like a sweet little song.

I tend to keep my neutrals very tight. In this quilt there isn't too much variation in the background fabric, but you could absolutely add more if you like.

Here it is in a rainbow! There's a note in the pattern for making the rainbow version in both the baby and the throw size. It really depends on how many different colors of scraps you have. 

If you've got scraps coming our your tubs like I do, you can find this fun pattern in my etsy shop here.


  1. Great use of scraps! Did this one wipe you out of scraps? I doubt it but it would make a nice dent in them.


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