Friday, December 16, 2016

Chunky Race Quilt Top

I have been wanting to practice some quilting motifs lately. So when I saw Jasmine's Chunk Race Quilts I knew they would be perfect for that. I wanted to make my quilts a little bigger than hers so I followed her directions using graph paper to see how many bricks I would need.  It took a couple tries to get it the right size, but mine finish at 49 x 59.5

My first one is this green and orange one. It was more of a trial run to see if my graph paper layout was correct.  It turned out okay, but I was having trouble remembering how to do the jelly roll race quilt.  But once I got this one done and my memory came back to me, I made a second one to do it right.

This one turned out great!  It uses 49 bricks with the last 3 being added to the top of the quilt for an odd number of rows.  There is no way to get 17 rows using the jelly roll race method.  The sewing of the top takes no time at all, it's the laying out of the bricks on the design wall that takes so much effort.  I made a chart and updated the method so I won't have to layout on the design wall.  I haven't had time to test my method yet, but when I do I'll let you know if it worked.  And I will share it with you.  I'm swamped with 3 custom quilts right now, but as soon as I'm done I plan to get back to working on this project.

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts


  1. They turned out great with the colors well balanced. Me lovin' that quilt on your design wall!

  2. These are darling. I'm glad the adapted method is working for you. :) Have fun practicing your quilting on these.

  3. They both look great, but I really like the coloring of the second one. Me thinks I have fabric I could do this with, LOL.


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