Friday, June 16, 2017

University of Alabama Elephant Quilt

70 x 90 

Crimson and White are the colors of the University of Alabama and their mascot is an elephant. A customer of mine wanted this particular elephant made into a twin sized quilt with her school's colors.

I picked an easy background pattern with over 10 different red fabrics to make sure the elephant would be the star of the quilt. The rectangles were cut 5" by 18".

The elephant was paper pieced and appliqued to the quilt top before quilting. I quilted it with an off white thread with straight lines on some of the pieces about a quarter inch from the seam. The tail got sewn in as I was doing the applique.

I really didn't know the proper way to quilt this guy since he was so big. I outlined him in read and then quilted just inside the white satin stitches with my longarm as I was doing the straight lines. This was really my first time appliqueing something this large. Is this the proper way? How would you have done it?

I learned a lot about paper piecing (and yes, it was much better this time) and even applique.  I may even do some more in the future!

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  1. So cute! I love how he pops on the red background. I would probably add some wrinkle quilting to hold the elephant, but I'm no expert on appliqué.

  2. Very very cool! I'm sure it will be popular with the recipient!

  3. i've been told to add the applique after the quilt top has been quilted. I'm not sure if this is correct or just one person's thoughts. I think you did a great job!


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