Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just the Basics Quilt-A-Long

I finished July's portion of the Just the Basics Quilt a Long!  

Look at all the pieces - we're getting close to the finish line. There is still time for you to join.!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Minecraft Quilt, New Blocks, and a Pillow

I just finished a queen sized minecraft quilt!  I really like the wider outside border that I had to add to make this quilt big enough.  My customer asked for a custom "skin" that her son created. Turned out great and added some blue to the quilt.

I've also been busy making custom ordered pillows for a couple customers.  That was so fun and fast!  Then I decided that I needed a few more blocks to add to the mix.  So they are:

 Magma Cube



I had tried the magma cube and the ocelot before, but I wasn't happy with how they were looking.  So yesterday the boys and I sat down in front of the XBox and tried again.  I am loving the ocelot with the added spots and the blue in the squid.  I now have 24 blocks to choose from.  Would you believe there are over 60 different colors in these blocks?  If you aren't feeling like making one yourself, you can purchase a custom made quilt in my shop.

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brick Cottage Lane {2}

Here is Myra's new Brick Cottage Lane {2} pattern!  I made a twin sized quilt with a fat quarter bundle of Miss Kate fabric from Moda.  I added in a few fabrics from my stash so there would be more fabric variation.  I think I had 19 fabrics. It's a happy set of fabrics!

I used a blue polka dot for the back and the rest of the apple print for the back.  I love the red binding which is something I don't usually use.  I like to piece my backs because it uses my stash.  Still trying to get that number down!

Myra's patterns are always easy to understand and fun to make. You can make this quilt quickly with the strip piecing directions or you can use the traditional method.  Both are included in 5 different sizes. You can find Myra's pattern here.  And this quilt is for sale in my etsy shop.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Bugs, Turtles, and Frogs - Two Baby Boy Quilts

40.5 x 45 

These quilts are made from a Moda Meadow Friends Layer Cake.  I started using all the colors in the layer cake but it just wasn't working.  I took out the yellow (and didn't use it at all) then I took out the orange.  Ahh, that's better!  I added in a few blue, brown, and greens from my scrap bin to finish it up.

Then I took the brown camo and the left over browns and put it with the orange and green prints to make another quilt. I had to do some swapping between the quilts to get the layout to look good, but I found enough scraps to make both of these baby quilts from one layer cake. And that's a good thing!

I think they'd be perfect for a set of baby boy twins!  You can find these quilts in my shop.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Sword Quilt and June Stash Report

My 12 yo son made this 32 x 32 minecraft sword block over the last 4 months.  He has been helping me make custom minecraft quilts and he wanted something small he could make himself.  His top was much less than flat and has many puckers, so I quilted it with a small meander on the white, hoping it would help it lay flat. The sword handle has some lines that alternate up/down and sideways on each block.  I finished up the sword with some Xs.  The quilting really helped make this a keeper. I tried to match the binding colors to the sword and was mostly successful.

Well, what else have I been up to this month?  Buying fabric for minecraft quilts and sewing minecraft quilts.  My husband and kids helped me make 7 of them this month.  It was nice having them layout the blocks.  They also did all of the ironing on those blocks for me!

I have also been testing a  pattern for Myra that you are just gonna love.  It comes out mid July. And I started a couple of cute baby boy quilts.  Can't wait to get those finished!

Here is my stash report for June. Had to buy a lot of fabric this of those purchases were not "have to".  Can't resist a good sale, ya know? I'll spare you from showing you all the minecraft quilts and just stick to the big one. You're welcome!

June in: 154
June out: 101

YTD in: 303.75
YTD out: 306
YTD change: 2.25

Yearly Goals
11/20 HTU
32/36 QUILTS

Friday, June 10, 2016

Just the Basics - June

Our pieces are starting to come together for the Just the Basic Quilt A Long.  I can't for next month to see what goes where.  You can find the directions here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rainbow Bargello

67 x 88

Because I had enough solids leftover from this quilt, I decided to make another rainbow bargello quilt.  But this time, I added 4 more colors because I thought the last one was a big short for a twin.

Just as pretty as before!  I even had the same leftovers for the back and the strip.  I did have to add the blue sashing to make it just a bit longer.  More solids used up from the stash!

Monday, June 6, 2016

More Minecraft Quilts

Quick update!  I have been busy making Minecraft quilts these last couple weeks.  There are three new blocks in these two quilts.   The sword block used pellon interfacing to hold all those tiny squares.  You can read the directions here.  And even with that, it's still hard to get the block the right size.  I still have one more quilt to finish.  It's using lots of solids from the stash!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Stash Report

It's been a great month for using fabric!  I made 3 bed sized quilts this month - WHEW! Two of these quilts came from what used to be the Hard To Use Fabrics, which is now the TUB of fabric since I added all my more traditional fabrics to get them out of my stash of modern fabrics. Since I now have 2 different stashes, I think the HTU goal will be disappearing. This month I hope to get a couple baby quilts sewn together, but my goal is more focused on making some custom quilt orders. 



May in: 40
May out: 54.5

YTD in: 149.75
YTD out: 205
YTD change: 55.25

Yearly Goals
11/20 HTU
24/36 QUILTS

Friday, May 27, 2016

Old Fashioned Patchwork Quilt

 94.5 x 103.5

This quilt is made from the same fabrics as the one plus a few more I found that I could throw into the mix.  I think I'm getting smarter, because I cut the strips for this quilt when I cut the strips for the last quilt.  No sense putting the fabric away just to get it back out and iron it again.

It has a much different feel than the more modern Brick Cottage Lane. This one is more traditional and old fashioned I think. I like them both, but I'd say that I'd pick the modern quilt every time.

Just like the last queen sized quilt, I pieced the back trying to use up the larger leftovers. This size quilt takes up so much fabric.  I don't keep more than 5 yards of any of my fabrics.  Mostly my large pieces are 3 to 4 for backing lap quilts. This quilt used up 16 yards of fabric!  That's gonna help off set a fabric purchase I made this week.

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