Thursday, February 15, 2024

Another Scrappy Quilt

54" x 66"

Another scrappy quilt made from 2.5" squares. This time I chose black. I'm not a huge fan of black but it is a striking quilt. And it fit the purpose of using those scraps. And I had tons of 2.5" black squares that needed to be used up. 

Tried a pink red binding also. I'm usually a blue binding kind a girl, but this fabric just kept speaking to me - use me!

 It feel so good to get some of these quilts finished up and out of the sewing room. More scrap quilt to come!

Monday, February 12, 2024

Luke's T-Shirt Quilt

This is my third t-shirt quilt for my kids. I'd love to say I made no mistakes, but that isn't happening. So much precision is necessary to make these quilts. Fortunately he had an extra shirt I could put in the place of the one I messed up and it happened to be the same color. I do love this quilt more than the first two because it has more smaller pieces. I think that adds so much to the look of the quilt. Dark gray minky on the back - so soft!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Old Mill Road - A Scrap Quilt Pattern

This is my new pattern called Old Mill Road. It's made with scraps but still has a color scheme to it. I didn't initially design this with a rainbow in mind, but decided to try it after I wrote the pattern. I  love it! This quilt sold before I even listed it in my etsy shop. They saw my pattern listing and she wanted the quilt. 

This pattern comes in 5 sizes: Small Throw, Large Throw, Twin, Queen and King. I made the small throw in rainbow scraps.  The pattern has directions for piecing this in blocks instead of rows which I think is easier to put together. You can decide what colors you want to use as the pattern tells you how much you need for each row of color. 

This is the original fabrics I designed it in. I was trying to design a jelly roll quilt, but it wasn't working out like I wanted. I always have scraps on my mind because I have so many of them so I decided to try that instead. So here are some ideas for your scraps in different color ways. The Bonnie and Camille one might be in my future. 

Find the listing here in my shop. Have fun with your scraps this year!

Sunday, December 31, 2023

The 1080 Quilt

60" x 72"

Why is this the 1080 quilt? Because there are 1080 - 2.5" pieces of scraps in this quilt! I have been working on this quilt for months, little by little. It takes so much longer when you aren't strip piecing blocks. 

But look at this back! It's my favorite part of this quilt. Love having all these colors on the back.

 As you probably know, this didn't make much room in my scrap bin. So I'll have to start another one!

Friday, December 29, 2023

T-shirt Quilt #2

This is the second t-shirt quilt for my daughter. First one is here. I just wanted to make a few notes. I didn't use an FFG needles like last time (unless I forgot to change it out, which is very likely.)  This time I used a minky dot on the back instead of the fur-like minky. I had to piece the back to make it large enough and I didn't like how the minky looked like there were different dye lots even though there wasn't. Solid black binding. Medium size stipple.


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