Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Jelly Roll Quilt

This is a jelly roll race quilt (without the race) and I added the brown squares in between each strip.  I was surprised how nicely they got spread out across the quilt.  I only have 8 different fabrics in my quilt, but it really needs more.

As I was loading the quilt on the longarm frame, I decided to try some straight line quilting.   I forgot that I can't use my horizontal locks to get lines that match up with the quilt because my leaders are not straight. But that didn't stop me from trying!  I figured it out about 1/3 the way down.  Oh no! What can I do to fix this?

How about some words?  Since this is a ministry quilt, I decided to quilt the Galatians 5:22-23 on it.

This one says "the fruit of the spirit is..."



It's much easier to read it in person.  I quilted the rest of the lines freehand, 3 lines per strip.  The difference isn't noticeable.  The quilting adds a lot of texture to the quilt and it was fun to try something new!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Make a Finished Quilt Bigger

Yep, you read that right.  You can actually make a quilt bigger.  Even one that has been used for the last 3 years. Even a small king size quilt that has been on my bed.  I made this quilt 6 months after I started quilting. And I didn't know much about quilting at that time.  Here is my quilt:

And here it is on my bed.  You can see it is way too short! It was bigger when I made it, lol.  But now, after a few years of learning all about quilting, we know that quilts shrink about 5% when you wash them.  But nobody told me that back then, and I didn't check on the internet for how big to make my quilt.  I just laid it on my bed and when it was big enough I stopped.  So because it was too short and the fact that my husband tends to pull all the covers to his side, I needed to make it bigger.  

I spent a lot of time looking at the different ways to quilt as you go, but none of them were really what I wanted.  You can add borders as a QAYG but it leave a border in the border, like this one, and I didn't want that.  So I kept searching for adding borders and found this tutorial.  Yep that's how I wanted to do it.
With just a few small changes.

I cut the binding off my quilt.  WHAT?  Yep, and this is my favorite quilt (which is why I wanted to make it bigger).  This is the scary part. Don't worry you can always cut off more and rebind it!  No really, keep going, it will be better soon!   The old binding was far from straight.  One, because it was washed and it shrunk, and two, because I did a terrible job way back then when I sewed my binding on.  Happy to say that I am much better at that now!

I wanted to add 2 borders, a small one and a large one.  For the first border follow the directions on the Quilting Twin blog.  I cut the batting 1.5 inches wide and zig zagged my pieces to make it long enough.

I cut my brown fabric at 1.5 inches and sewed strips as long as the quilt.  Then I layered it according to her picture.  From the bottom up:  

Backing Fabric - Right Side Up
Quilt - Right Side Up
Top Fabric - Wrong Side Up

I didn't use pins because the quilt was too big and I didn't want to get on the floor.  I just adjusted as I went, sewing a scant quarter inch seam like I normally do when piecing.

I ironed the bottom first, then the top.  Then I sewed along the outside edge (as close as possible) to hold the fabric in place. If you don't sew close to the edge, your seam will be seen in the next border.  Do all 4 sides the same way.

Now for the outside border I cut the top at 5.5 inches, the batting at 6 in, and the back at 7 in.  I wanted to quilt it and have some room for trimming.  Don't sew the outside edge down on this border unless you can get it super smooth.  Otherwise it will pucker when you go to quilt it.  Yep, I sem ripped the whole length of one side!

For some reason I stopped taking pictures, sorry.  But I loaded it on the long arm, meandered all the way around it on the outside border only.  I didn't quilt the brown border because it was only 1 inch and I didn't stitch in the ditch either.  Then I trimmed it and added the binding.  After a wash and dry, I put it on my bed again.  We slept under it last night and it was wonderful!  No more fighting over the covers.  Happy wife, happy husband!

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

Once you get going, it's not too bad a technique.  I was terrified to start cutting my favorite quilt, but I am so glad that I did.  I think it gave the quilt a nice finish too.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rectangles Galore

This pattern can be found here.  It is a baby quilt, but I made mine bigger.  Hers is 2 3/4 block by 2 3/4 block and mine is 5 x 6 blocks.  

For the back I used up every single piece I had left from the top.  I had to steal some green fabrics from another project to bind the quilt!

Emma recently turned one, her adjusted age is 8.5 months.  She was close by so I threw her on the quilt and tried to grab a picture.  This little girl does not like to sit still!  She is constantly on the move.  She's a sweet little thing and doing very well.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Winter In the Woods

Even though it's summer right now, this quilt has me thinking about winter.  We are ususally pushing 100 degrees here in Oklahoma, but it will be a cool 77 today.  This isn't the first cold front to come through this summer.  Ahh, cool rainy weather...fall, long sleeves and sweatpants!  

Anyway, my husband asked me to make a quilt to take on his business trip to China. Custom has it that you are supposed to give a gift to your host  I didn't really have any in my closet that seemed worthy. So I scoured pinterest for my inspiration.  

I picked fabrics that reminded me of pine and birch trees in the winter.  The black fabrics represent the shadows on a gray winter day.  My daughter said the white and gray should be snow. (She's never seen a birch tree.)  Plus quilts are probably my favorite because they are so easy, yet don't look plain.

Easy meandering on this quilt with a gray thread.  Wasn't sure how much time I would have to get this quilt done.  But it is ready to go!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twin Friendship Quilt - Part 2

I've had this almost done for quite a while, but I had to stop and work on a quilt that my husband wants to take on a business trip!  So glad to have them both done now and I'll show you the other one later this week. This is the twin to the one in the last post.

Same pattern without the corner stones in the outer boarder.  This one is warm and the other is cool.

No fancy quilting on this one, just a simple meander.  Quick and simple!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Twin Friendship Quilts - Part 1

This fabric came from the estate sale I told you about last time.  There were lots of 7 inch squares (not cut very straight) in red, shown below, and blue.  During one of our quilt ministry meetings she showed me these fabrics and told me that she got them in Hawaii. 

I decided to make this friendship block to highlight the fabrics.  When I went to calculate how many half square triangles I would need, I made a mistake.  I ended up making 2 times as many as I needed!  Do you ever do that?  So instead of making 12 blocks, I needed to make 24.  But I don't have enough of the cream fabric to sash 2 quilts and the HST are already made.  So I started trying some differerent layouts:

 Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I ended up going with all blue (option 4!) because I needed to change the sashing.  I found a blue fabric in my stash that was really close to the one in the block for the border and a lighter one for the sashing.  A matching red quilt is almost done!

I freehanded the sashing, spacing the lines about 1 inch apart and the triangles and large square got a larger version of the smaller squares with an added loop in the middle.  I was able to continuously quilt the whole block so it didn't take too long.

I used my horizontal and vertical locks to create the random ruler lines in the border.  I wanted something that wasn't girly and I think this fits the bill.

Even though it's not the quilt I had pictured in my head, it turned out real nice!  It was quite a challenge to find the right fabrics after I had already started to make the quilt.  Note to self:  Measure twice, cut once!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Geese Flying in Rows

My Whoop this week is this lovely quilt that was started by a lady who used to be in our quilt ministry.  She passed away and I purchase her started quilt and some other fabric at her estate sale.  She did all the hard work for me.  All the geese were made, and 5 of the 6 rows were sewn together!  I was glad because flying geese are not my favorite to make.  All the fabric was there to finish the quilt (plus a lot of scraps) except the large strip of purple for the back of the quilt.

I was able to find some at my local quilt shop.  I finished the top and bottom in 1 day - so fun and so fast! She was one who ironed her seams to the side, a new thing for me.  I'm an open the seams kinda girl.  New things learned from an old pro. I would have never picked these fabrics either - they're not matchy-matchy.   But they really look nice in this quilt.  I learned I need to stretch outside of my comfort zone sometimes when picking fabric.

I have 2 more quilts using her Hawaiian fabric almost done.  That will be for next week.  

Linking up with Sarah - Can I Get a Whoop Whoop.  She's raising money to help her daughter adopt a little boy from China (his name will be Nathanael).  You can help out by making a donation and get a chance to win a beautiful quilt at the same time!  The details are on this blog post, hop over there and check it out.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainbow Could-a-Been Scrappy Quilt

I really love rainbow quilts!  When I saw this one on pinterest, it was love at first sight!  Immediately I began pulling scraps to make this one.  But when it came down to it, only 3 of the 12 fabrics ended up being from my scrap bin.  Oh well, a scrappy quilt is on the todo list.  

I did, however, use the remaining fabric of all colors on the back of this quilt.  I've never pieced a back like this before and it took rearranging and rearranging to get it just right.  Well, right enough for what I had to work with.  It was either this or buy some gray to match the front.  I don't think that would have been as fun as this colorful back.

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