Tuesday, January 19, 2021

York Town Quilt Pattern

This is my new pattern called York Town. I love the modern look the diamonds and background bring to this star pattern. York Town comes in 4 sizes from throw to king. The throw size is shown above. It's made from 4 different fabrics (I used 3 and a background), but you can change out the background to a print and totally change the look of the quilt. (See below for a few ideas.)

 I wanted the back to feel just as modern as the front, so I added a row of the diamonds set off by the focal fabric from the front. It turned out perfectly. 

I could see using this pattern for a school quilt in this blue and gray version. I love the crispness of this one.

Here is the version where I swapped out the background fabric for a dark one. The stars become the light fabric so they stand out and shine. This version seems a bit more traditional to me. 

While I was playing around with the fabrics, I stumbled across this version. It says winter to me. There is no dark fabric in this one which gives it a light soft feel.

And here is my original version. I love this one! I didn't make it because the mustard yellow fabric I wanted to use had dark charcoal gray, almost black, in it, so it looked better with the black fabric that I chose.  But if I find a mustard print with just off white on it, I want to make this version.

York Town is available in PDF or printed form in my Etsy shop. If you make one, I'd love to see it. Tag me on instragram @theflemings9 or #yorktownquilt

Friday, January 15, 2021

Color in the Lines Throw

62" x 72"

I spent some time in December working on this scrappy quilt. It was inspired by the Charming Baby Remix quilt called Color in the Lines made by Melissa. I loved the one she made, but I didn't have the darker richer gray that she used for hers. So I went with what I had, even the backing which is a gray on gray print came from my stash. I modified the size to be a little smaller than the one Melissa made. 

I accidently cut too many 5" squares when making the front, so I used them on the back. I went through my bin of 5" squares and picked out an even number of each color. 

I am really struggling this week to get some good shots of this quilt. I've tried several times and it's either been too windy, to cloudy, or just plain not nice. I'm tired of taking pictures, so this is what we get for now. Honestly, I just don't have the time to keep trying right now. 

 I am working on a pattern that I really love, so that is helping the fact that I don't get too much time in the sewing room currently. Hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks. 

Friday, January 1, 2021

Emma Dilemma - Problem Solved!

There is one happy 7 year old in my house! Her quilt is done and she has been snuggling under it since Christmas. We used her two favorite colors and she couldn't be more excited. The great thing I used the same pink fabric in her sister's quilt several years ago. That quilt is purple and pink. When we redo their room we can do pink purple and turquoise. Any way, I'm getting distracted!

My new pattern is aptly named Emma Dilemma and it comes in three sizes - throw, twin, and queen. Emma's quilt is a twin size and I love that it has plenty of drop on it. The pattern has lots of strip piecing included to make this quilt a quicky! I had Emma's top done in a day. 

The blocks are made differently than the ones found in Kookie Kisses, and it's set differently on the top and bottom. The X's form a border all the way around on Emma Dilemma.  They are both great patterns, just depends on whether you want to use two fabrics or a whole bunch of fabrics.  

Here are some ideas for changing background fabric. This one has a navy background.

This one also has a navy background, but I switched the white and teal. 

And then there is always using no white at all.

I love to play around with the different options. What would you use to make this quilt? Do you like 2 fabrics with a neutral, or 3 fabrics? Please share your ideas with me!  

Are you starting off the new year quilting? I am! I plan on spending the weekend working in my sewing room. It's all clean and ready to go. I hope you are getting to do something fun as well. Stop by my pattern shop if you're needing something new to work on!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Pink Valentine Quilt

Now that Christmas is over, who's ready for Valentine's Day? Not me, that's for sure!  But I did make this fun pink quilt from all scraps. All shades of reddish pink including a few that are almost red. I used 2.5" strips and squares for this one. I tried to cut an equal amount of light, dark, and medium fabrics. 

56" x 64"

The top was so pink I knew that I couldn't put a pink back on it. That would make it too "little girl". So to make it more mature feeling, I went with a white and gray print that reads as light gray. 

But I added a pink paisley strip to add some fun. And I didn't have enough gray to do the whole back anyway....but we're going to go with the fun reason anyway.

Whether you like pink or you wanna decorate the living room for Valentine's Day, this quilt will fit the bill. And a bunch of scraps are out of my bins!

Linking with My Quilt Infatuation

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Quilty Hearts Baby Quilt

For Thanksgiving, the kids got to do some tie-dyeing. Usually they just get to do a shirt, but Becca wanted to try to dye some fabric to make a pillow case. She wanted purple, but we didn't have any purple dye so we made our own with the navy, pink, and turquoise dyes. You never know how it is going to turn out until it's all rinsed and dry. Well, she didn't like it at all. We had planned on adding a piece for the end of the case .I tried every solid purple I had in my stash and I couldn't make it work.  

So with only 28" of fabric, I did some quilty math and was able to make this cute little baby quilt. I carefully cut the strips I needed, saving the large swirl for last...

So that I could put it on the back! This hand dyed fabric went from drab to fab in this cute baby quilt!

So glad there was a happy ending to the Thanksgiving day fabric dying fun! Next time I plan on using a full yard so that I won't have to add any fabric to it to make a pillow case.  

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