Friday, August 1, 2014

Winter In the Woods

Even though it's summer right now, this quilt has me thinking about winter.  We are ususally pushing 100 degrees here in Oklahoma, but it will be a cool 77 today.  This isn't the first cold front to come through this summer.  Ahh, cool rainy weather...fall, long sleeves and sweatpants!  

Anyway, my husband asked me to make a quilt to take on his business trip to China. Custom has it that you are supposed to give a gift to your host  I didn't really have any in my closet that seemed worthy. So I scoured pinterest for my inspiration.  

I picked fabrics that reminded me of pine and birch trees in the winter.  The black fabrics represent the shadows on a gray winter day.  My daughter said the white and gray should be snow. (She's never seen a birch tree.)  Plus quilts are probably my favorite because they are so easy, yet don't look plain.

Easy meandering on this quilt with a gray thread.  Wasn't sure how much time I would have to get this quilt done.  But it is ready to go!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twin Friendship Quilt - Part 2

I've had this almost done for quite a while, but I had to stop and work on a quilt that my husband wants to take on a business trip!  So glad to have them both done now and I'll show you the other one later this week. This is the twin to the one in the last post.

Same pattern without the corner stones in the outer boarder.  This one is warm and the other is cool.

No fancy quilting on this one, just a simple meander.  Quick and simple!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Twin Friendship Quilts - Part 1

This fabric came from the estate sale I told you about last time.  There were lots of 7 inch squares (not cut very straight) in red, shown below, and blue.  During one of our quilt ministry meetings she showed me these fabrics and told me that she got them in Hawaii. 

I decided to make this friendship block to highlight the fabrics.  When I went to calculate how many half square triangles I would need, I made a mistake.  I ended up making 2 times as many as I needed!  Do you ever do that?  So instead of making 12 blocks, I needed to make 24.  But I don't have enough of the cream fabric to sash 2 quilts and the HST are already made.  So I started trying some differerent layouts:

 Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I ended up going with all blue (option 4!) because I needed to change the sashing.  I found a blue fabric in my stash that was really close to the one in the block for the border and a lighter one for the sashing.  A matching red quilt is almost done!

I freehanded the sashing, spacing the lines about 1 inch apart and the triangles and large square got a larger version of the smaller squares with an added loop in the middle.  I was able to continuously quilt the whole block so it didn't take too long.

I used my horizontal and vertical locks to create the random ruler lines in the border.  I wanted something that wasn't girly and I think this fits the bill.

Even though it's not the quilt I had pictured in my head, it turned out real nice!  It was quite a challenge to find the right fabrics after I had already started to make the quilt.  Note to self:  Measure twice, cut once!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Geese Flying in Rows

My Whoop this week is this lovely quilt that was started by a lady who used to be in our quilt ministry.  She passed away and I purchase her started quilt and some other fabric at her estate sale.  She did all the hard work for me.  All the geese were made, and 5 of the 6 rows were sewn together!  I was glad because flying geese are not my favorite to make.  All the fabric was there to finish the quilt (plus a lot of scraps) except the large strip of purple for the back of the quilt.

I was able to find some at my local quilt shop.  I finished the top and bottom in 1 day - so fun and so fast! She was one who ironed her seams to the side, a new thing for me.  I'm an open the seams kinda girl.  New things learned from an old pro. I would have never picked these fabrics either - they're not matchy-matchy.   But they really look nice in this quilt.  I learned I need to stretch outside of my comfort zone sometimes when picking fabric.

I have 2 more quilts using her Hawaiian fabric almost done.  That will be for next week.  

Linking up with Sarah - Can I Get a Whoop Whoop.  She's raising money to help her daughter adopt a little boy from China (his name will be Nathanael).  You can help out by making a donation and get a chance to win a beautiful quilt at the same time!  The details are on this blog post, hop over there and check it out.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainbow Could-a-Been Scrappy Quilt

I really love rainbow quilts!  When I saw this one on pinterest, it was love at first sight!  Immediately I began pulling scraps to make this one.  But when it came down to it, only 3 of the 12 fabrics ended up being from my scrap bin.  Oh well, a scrappy quilt is on the todo list.  

I did, however, use the remaining fabric of all colors on the back of this quilt.  I've never pieced a back like this before and it took rearranging and rearranging to get it just right.  Well, right enough for what I had to work with.  It was either this or buy some gray to match the front.  I don't think that would have been as fun as this colorful back.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Even Boys Can Quilt! - Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about David's Quilt and today it's Luke's turn!  It was so fun to teach 2 of my boys to sew.  Luke also chose his own fabrics and sewed the top.  The difference with him is that he wanted to quilt his own!  Since he was tall enough I helped him by standing behind him and holding on a little so he wouldn't get too far off the lines.  Here's his quilting, which isn't bad for a first try!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Even Boys Can Quilt and Quilting Confidently

This is David, my 8 yo son, and his first quilt!  Week took this week off school and he and his bigger brother each made a quilt.  It started with David wanting to make his big sister a pillow as a welcome home gift.  She is an intern at our church camp.  Anyway, he had so much fun with that he asked to make a quilt.  I let him choose hi fabrics and I gave him a couple choices for patterns.  After some seem ripping due to flipped squares and some crocked lines, he finished the top.  I quilted it for him as he is a bit short and can't reach the long arm handles!  Tomorrow we should have Luke's finished so stay tuned!

I usually don't share WIPs, but I just love this one and I am excited to share it.  Had to put off my finish to help the boys.  But this one is ready to be quilted and should be done next week!

Gemma at Pretty Bobbins asked if we had any tips to quilting confidently.  I think you can't worry if your quilting is perfect.  It will never be perfect, unless you have a computerized longarm!  Sometimes I see someone's quilting and I think I couldn't do that on my longarm, I bet that would be so much easier on a sewing machine!  You domestic machine quilters probably think it would be easier on a longarm!  But we'd both be wrong.  It's only easy after you've had lots and lots of practice.  So if you're new and practicing, quilt with thread that matches your top so it can't be seen as much and then love, love, love it however it looks!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Three Fire Escape Quilts

I just finished up this set of three lap size quilts. There were supposed to be one big king size quilt for my bed, but after I cut all the fabric and had some of it on the design wall, I was not crazy about the colors.  My bedroom walls are  chocolate brown just like the ladders in the quilt and it would be lovely on my bed, but it just isn't me.  I guess I'm not a flowery kind of girl!  I didn't think my husband would like it either.

So I also didn't like the matchy-matchy of the rows in the original pattern.  So I started changing things around and came up with these three quilts.  They are all quilted with a different pattern, and they all have different binding.  The back is the same on 2 of them, but we'll get to that in a minute.

First Quilt
Binding - Orange
Quilting -  Feathers A La Mode

I like the top on this on the best, it must have been the first one I did.

The back would have looked better with a brown binding, but I was digging through the scrap bin as it was for more fabric.  I like my backs to match the front as much as possible, so, as I did with all three backs, I used what I had.  The large piece of brown is a different color than the front, so couldn't use it for binding.

Love the quilting on this one! Now don't think I'm a great quilter...the pattern is really forgiving so long as you keep your motions smooth and flowing.  Didn't really have to stay on the lines to make this look good.

Second Quilt
Binding - Scrappy
Quilting - All That Jazz

Scrappy binding came from the back of the first 2 quilts after I trimmed them.  I think it's better than the orange, but still not my favorite with this back.

I really wanted to do a free motion fire pattern on this quilt, but thought jumping straight to that would be disastrous!  So I used my fire pantograph instead.

Third Quilt
Binding - Brown
Quilting - Free motion loops and flowers

This binding is the correct brown and looks great with the back.  I had enough fat quarters left to put them on the back of this one.  Then I split up the rest of them for the other 2 quilts.  This is my favorite back!

I thought the loops and flowers would go nicely with the flower prints on this quilt.  It was much faster to quilt this one, but it doesn't have as much quilting as the other ones.

So, which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Seaside Belle Wave

I started this beautiful Belle Wave quilt last month. The pattern came from Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts and was easy to follow.  I started with this set of fabric that I had picked in my color class.  My feeling was soothing:

 Reminds me of the beach.  I was short a green and blue fabric when I made this fabric pull.  After my last shopping trip I was able to find the fabric I needed to make this quilt.

I am also trying to learn how to use curves in photoshop to make my pictures look better.  I can say that I don't have that mastered yet!  But I did take my pictures in the shade next to the light outside today.  This helped a lot in my starting point for editing the photos.

First try was in the shade facing the sun.  Great at showing the quilting, but the color is wrong.

Then I switched sides and shot with the sun behind me.

I edited this photo 2 times trying to get the nice soft colors to show.  I think the first one is better, but the blues aren't quite right.  I found lots of tutorials on editing photos of people, but need to find one without people.  Anyone know of a good one?

The closeup of the quilting turned out the be the best colorwise. I used a new pantograph called Curlz. Kinda reminds me of the waves so it seemed fitting for my soothing beach quilt.

The back is long strips of fabric from the front.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed it!