Friday, September 25, 2020

Postcard Pillowcases

This was a fun little project request that I finished up recently. They are 20" pillow covers that were inspired by the Postcard from Sweden quilt. They are similar but not identical.

 It's hard to see, but I did an envelop closure and the tops were quilted with the organic wavy lines. I like these smaller projects.  But now I'm off to make a king size quilt. No time for chit chat!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Summer of Scraps Wrap Up

Here's my final scrappy quilt of the summer...and just in time. Tomorrow fall officially starts! This is not my first black and yellow quilt as you can tell from all the different scraps and it certainly won't be my last. This is such a nice color combination for almost any room. I pulled in every black/yellow and gray/yellow scrap I could find. That tiger strip is even a left over piece of flannel I snuck in there. It's thin and you don't really notice it. 

All in all, I was able to make 8 scrappy quilts this summer. There is one more quilt top cut into pieces but not sewn at all that didn't make it to it's completion. But that's okay. I'll get to it soon. There is still SO many scraps left to use. I'll be taking a break from scraps while I make a few customer quilts. It is quilt season after all. But I've learned a valuable lesson this summer...don't let your scraps pile up so high that 8 quilts don't make much of dent!!! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Another scrappy quilt...

It's still summer right? I'm still working on scrap quilts and it's still hot here in Oklahoma so I'm going to call it summer! For this scrappy quilt, I've gathered scraps in black, pink, orange, lime green, and turquoise. My inspiration for the fabrics came from one of the black prints that has those colors in it.

This one block quilt is made from 8" squares rotated to make the design. It would look great in any color scheme you can come up with but using a print with multiple colors like I did is the easiest way to get started. I even added in some black with gold prints because I was a bit short on the colorful ones. It doesn't even look like I used scraps unless you start counting how many different prints are in this quilt.

The back and binding are a cross hatch print from connecting threads. You could add more scraps to the back to liven it up if you had enough to do it. I was running short so I chose the easy route.


I have at least one more scrap quilt to finish up for the summer and then I will have to decide if I want to keep going or do something else. I didn't quite get through all the quilts and styles I had on my list. But it  may just be time for something new!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Quilty Hearts in Rainbow

Here is a throw size quilty hearts quilt inspired by Myra's twin sized rainbow version.  A customer wanted a rainbow quilt in this pattern, so I helped her decide which colors we should use. This size only allows for 6 colors of the rainbow so I suggested we combine the orange and yellow and the pink and red. 

She loved Myra's quilting so I had her pick out one of my pantographs to quilt this up for her. This one is called Square Spiral - one of my favorites to quilt. 

This is the "after washing" picture which show just how much texture you get from this pattern. I always wash quilts before they leave the house for two reasons. The first and most important - I would hate for a quilt to bleed so I wash with at least 4 color catchers. The second reason is that sometimes people don't realize that the quilt will get all crinkly and shrink once it's washed. This way I can list it at the correct size and the look of it won't change when they wash it.  

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Another Scrap Snap Quilt

Here's another Scrap Snap Quilt I made as a custom request. This quilt goes through a lot of scraps! I like to use at least 14 different prints in each color so I ended up having to cut some green, orange, and pink. With all the scrappy quilts I have been making, my choices are getting slim. 

I know this is a terrible picture, but it's been raining like crazy and I just wanted a quick photo of the back to remember that I added this beautiful rainbow strip. (I would have been smart to take it the when I got the photo of the front...)  If I every make another one, I want to add this again. I only did it this time because there wasn't enough fabric to cover the whole back, but I really love the color it adds!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Summer of Scraps - Rainbow!

We are in the full swing of summer here in Oklahoma so what better way to beat the heat than to sew a scrappy rainbow quilt! This one is called Charming Plus and was a quilt along from Quilty Therapy in 2016. I loved it then and I still love it now! I made mine from 2.5" squares and a some 5" squares for the background. I sneaked in some not so bright squares this time and I think it still looks good.  

54" x 66"

There are so many ways you can you use scraps in a rainbow quilt so I just chose 5 of my favorite rainbow scrappy quilts that I have made over the years. Here is the first Charming Plus quilt I made.

Scrap Snap Quilt made from 2.5" squares and strips, 5" squares, and 4.5" squares.

Rainbow HSTs made from 5" squares

Disappearing Rainbow made from 5" squares.

A Splash of Color made from 2.5" squares. 
This one could have also gone in with the scrappy background post. 

Use those scraps, folks!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Custom Baby Scrappy Stars Quilt

I had a customer request this variation of my Scrappy Star quilt in a crib size. She wanted the black instead of the navy and it looks very striking.  I did manage to sneak some scraps into this quilt! I had some left over raspberry half square triangles and a few squares in all three colors. I also had just a few of the background in my scrap box. So while it's not totally scrappy I think I can still say it's part of my summer of scraps series. 

Here are some more quilts with a scrappy background I have made that might inspire you to dig into your scraps this summer!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Rainbow Scrappy Baby Quilt

38" x 38"

This is the third quilt in my Summer of Scraps Series. It was inspired by this quilt called Potluck. I used 2.5" squares instead of the 3.5" she used in her to make mine a baby size quilt. I went through my scraps and found that I had a pink, orange, and aqua fabric that was left over from a quilt. I had cut the leftovers into 2.5" squares because I didn't like the fabric and as you may know if you cut any fabric small enough it can become lovely.

I also found some striped squares that had similar colors on it so those two fabrics became the color scheme for the quilt. It is such a fun color scheme! Reminds me of fruit salad or the beach for some reason. Maybe because it's so hot here!

Sticking with the "use what you got" theme this summer, the only fabric I could find that looked good, was this aqua cross hatch. Not that I am complaining because I think it looks great. I tried all sorts of colors for the binding, but in the end nothing looked as nice as this dark aqua and it was in my 2.5" strip bin. So it was a bonus use of scraps. 

It's been so fun using my scraps this summer and I don't see an end to them yet (maybe they are multiplying when I'm out of the room). I've got four more quilts in some stage of progress. So until next time - here's to using those scraps!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Josie's Second Quilt

81" x 94"

My daughter is 10 and she likes to make things. She has been pestering me about making another quilt for a while so several months ago we took some time and narrowed down an easy pattern for her to make a quilt for her bed. She picked out all the pinks and purples from my stash that she liked. And she picked a lot!

This was an easy pattern for her since there were no seams to match up. Her attention span isn't too long so she would only sew a row or two at a time and there would sometimes be days (lots of days) between sewing. She got disappointed when she would have to seem rip, but that only happened on a couple rows. It laid very flat on the longarm when I was quilting it. 

I made her a quilt in 2013 that was also pink and purple, but I think I like this one better. Emma is asking for a quilt. She picked out some bright and happy colors. Now we just need to find the perfect pattern. She is going to be 7 so I will be sewing this first one. But first the scrap quilts need to be finished!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Summer of Scraps - One Color

Part 3 - Today I've got a one color quilt for you. This quilt is inspired by this quilt here. Alternating the aqua with the white gives this quilt a "winter and ice" kinda feel. Too bad it can't cool the temperature down here - it's hot! I tried Myra's magnet to the garage door method to hold up the quilt. I only had 4 magnets and 3 didn't keep it from sliding down the door so I didn't have enough to tack the bottom down. But overall it worked! I wish they weren't black. I may have to invest in some silver ones.

Aqua is one of my favorite colors. I use it a lot in my quilts so I had a nice selection of scraps in this color. I used 2.5" strips first and then 5" squares trimmed to 2.5". This is how many it took to make the quilt. I used almost all of it.

I cut my background strips in half so that I could get more variation on my strip sets. When the aqua strip was too short I added one of those 5" long pieces to utilize the whole white strip.

Once the strip sets are sewn and ironed, you just cut them into 2.5" segments. Then mix them up and sew 4 of them into a block.

Our Joann's store is lacking in fabric at the moment so I was forced to make due with what I had on hand. It took me a while as I didn't have any pieces wide enough. I started with just the blue pieces, but it was looking a bit old fashioned. Once I added the white strips it seemed to make it more modern and match the front a bit more. 

Here are a few of my favorite one color quilts from Pinterest that I found. Does it surprise you that they are all aqua? You could use your 2.5" strips, or squares to make these or even a 1.5" strip on this first one.

I bet you're wondering where the rainbow quilts are...they are coming!  I've been slowly sewing my 99 blocks together. I'm also working on a baby quilt. Hard to have just one project in the works.  I hope you are having fun working through your scraps this summer!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Summer of Scraps - Controlled Scrappy

Part 2 - is all about the Controlled Scrappy Quilt. It is one with just a few colors and has some sense of order or symmetry made with a background fabric.

First quilt up in the Controlled Scrappy category is this beautiful quilt I just finished. The pattern is Floor Plan by Kristi Daum. I chose this one because the background give it great structure and I new it would look good in just 3 colors. It uses 2.5" squares and strips so I knew I would have enough scraps to get it finished.

58" x 74"

Bonus for this quilt - The whole top is pieced with scraps from by bin of Kona Snow. I was able to use most of the larger pieces and strips that were needing to be cut.  Now I just have to cut the rest of the snow into 2.5" squares.

Here are a few more controlled scrappy quilts I have made in the past. They each have a background fabric or borders that give them some sense of order. And they each have 3 or 4 colors of fabrics. 

Scrappy Patchwork (5" squares)

Black and Yellow Scraps (2.5" and 4.5" squares)

Scrappy 16 Patch (2.5" squares)

My Lucky Square (2.5" squares)

You can head on over to my scrappy pinterest board for even more great inspiration. What kind of scrappy quilt are you making this summer? 

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