Friday, April 26, 2019

New Postcard Sizes

I debated on posting these quilts separately, but they all seemed to fit a theme. That theme being resizing the Postcard from Sweden Quilt.

 56" x 68"

This is one of my favorite quilt patterns and I've always wanted to make the lap size a bit bigger. So I've added a few rows and columns to enlarge the lap size while still maintaining the look of original quilt.

36" x 40"

Who wouldn't want a cute little baby postcard quilt?  For this one, I just took a portion of the large quilt that looked to have the same colors in the same spots.

I also tried out a different style of quilting just to see how it looked. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of the meandering on this quilt.

36" x 52"

Finally, someone requested a crib size quilt, so here it is. I went back to the lap size and found a good spot to get 13 rows from. I went back to the wavy line quilting for this one too, but the camera was not picking that up very well.

I think I have made this pattern in just about every size now. Roseanne, I did not forget about your request for a tutorial on making batting from scraps. I promise I will get to it! My plate is very full at the moment and need to get some things done. I need more time in the day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Scrappy Trip Around the World

 64" x 64"

This quilt is made from the fabric line Voyage by Kate Spain. Some time ago, I won a fat eight bundle. I waited patiently for just the right pattern to come my way. I wish I had just a bit more so I could make this quilt bigger. But as it was, I had already added a fee fabrics from my scrap bin and some purple yardage already.

The colors are just fabulous! I tried to be somewhat random in my strip placement, but as I was laying out my blocks, I noticed that I am not so random at all. I did try to keep a lighter piece on both sides of the purple to help it stand out more.

This picture isn't as blurry as the first one. Seems like the wind has been blowing every single day. And we're in for some storms tonight. But done is good and another one is out of the sewing room!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Somerset - A New Quilt Pattern

Meet Somerset, a fun new pattern. It comes in 5 sizes from Baby to King. I made the lap size in 5 fabulous summery colored fabrics.  This was my favorite color scheme, but you'll see down below that you can use 2 to 5 different fabrics in this pattern and change the look of it. Lots of pictures ahead! It looks complicated, but it's really not.

This one below has 5 fabrics and is just a different color scheme that the original. I love the use of gray and black in this one.

In this one, the gray fabric (fabric #3) is replaced with white and give is a lighter feel.

For this red and black quilt, fabric #1 and fabric #5 are both red, fabrics #2 and #4 are black, and fabric #3 is gray.

I swapped out the gray (fabric #3) for white in this next one to make it a two color quilt.

This quilt has fabrics #1 and #5 the same. The bolder colors stand out more and the lighter colors fall more into the background.

Here is a baby size in a monochromatic color scheme using 4 shades of blue. Fabrics #1 and #5 are the same in this quilt.

Finally, how about a different background color? Black is nice with this color scheme.

By changing up where you put the prints and how many prints you use, you can get different looks to the quilt. I hope I've given you some inspiration today to looks at patterns a little bit differently. 

You can find the pattern in my etsy shop here.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Colorwash Quilt

72" x 72"

I took a break from some planned quilting projects to make this beautiful rainbow quilt. Rainbow quilts help keep the mojo flowing and are a necessity every now and then! This one has 28 different prints in it. I had so much fun going through my fabric bins looking for just the right colors.

I tried out a few different prints for the back, but this black and white weave was the best I had to choose from. I also tried it for the binding, but it didn't seem to work. So the choices were either black or white. Black seemed to take over the quilt and the white gave it a soft spring look.

It is so lovely that I have plans on making another one. I have lots of plans! But this pile is still sitting out so I may actually get to it soon!

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