Thursday, January 31, 2013

Somewhat Scrappy Nine Patch

Found this quilt in the closet and remembered I didn't get a picture of it yet!  Made it last month. I pulled fabrics from my brown, blue and green scrap bins to make this one.  Didn't have enough to make a bigger one but I still like it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Twin Size Dolphin DSP

Made this one for my littlest son.  There are 3 boys in the room they share and they all have sea creatures with a blue theme of some sort so they "kinda"  match.  This one is my favorite!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blue and Teal Squared Quilt

Not so good with naming quilts am I?!  Love the colors in this one, very cool and crisp.

Quilted the blue blocks with a template and the laser on my gammill.  I put butterflies in the teal blocks because I couldn't get this pattern to line up in the squares.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Josie's Quilt

Not the best shot of my oldest girls, but the quilt was too big for one person!  It's a twin size for my little 2 year old princess who loves pink and purple!  She even got to participate by pulling pins for me as I sewed the blocks together.  She was very possessive of her quilt!

This quilt took such a long time because I seam allowance was off and I had to redo most of the pink and white blocks.  Agh!  I seemed to set it aside way too much and work on other things.

But the batting was coming in so I wanted to get it ready.  This was my second attempt at free motion loops and flowers.  I used smaller flowers this time.  (Some of them look like butterflies.)  Need more practice! And I quilted in purple to see how much it would stand out.  It does, but the front has quilt a bit of purple on it.  This is a shot of the back strip.  

More quilts are done but they need binding before I can post them.  But that will have to wait until we finish painting the sewing room which we just started on!  And there's school on Monday, and dentist apppointments, and.... well you know.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Black and Yellow Scrap Quilt

This is a beautiful and easy 9 patch pattern that was scrap friendly!  I just grabbed all the yellow, black and gray fabrics I could find in my scrap bins and put them all together.   I like it so much, I am planning one in blue and green. (It's in that great big pile of quilt to made that can be found in my  head!) 

I even tried a new free motion quilting pattern - loops with flowers.  I have never tried loops before.  It just seems so much harder than the meandering.  I think adding the flowers every so often made it a little easier not to get stuck somewhere.  And the flowers go nicely with the fabrics.  

 The pictures aren't really showing the yellow thread - also a new try for me.  The quilting stands out a little more than if I had used white.  Perfect for this quilt.

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