Sunday, December 29, 2019

Some small plans for the new year

Quilting, ah yes, that thing I stopped doing for a while there. I bet you thought I lost my rocker! Well, I was a bit burnt out, but I'm starting to get back on the wagon slowly. We did have a few other things that required my attention, but those are mostly finished now.  

I am participating in 2 quilt alongs. The first one started in November, the mystery quilt by Bonnie and Quiltville called Frolic. I've never done one before, but I saw some one's fabric pull and it inspired me to pull these out of my stash. I really love this color pallet.

Here are some of the millions of tiny pieces we have been sewing each week. No, not really! I have never made a quilt with so many pieces before. Good thing it's only about 150 to 200 pieces a week. But I am still loving the colors. Can't wait to get into the green.

The second quilt along is a scrappy trip by Alli at Woodberry Way.  I was planning on starting one with this pile of fabric and saw the quilt a long on instagram. So why not join in? I will be alternating my prints with white to soften the brightness a bit. 

I am also very slowly working on my 4th jean quilt of 8. (One for each of my kids.) My son, whom this one is for, helped me pick out the jeans he wanted to use and cut them up. I'm all ready to start sewing on this one. I use this stained glass pattern by Lucy. I add an extra row to make it bigger. I love this pattern because the sashing is ironed in on itself making the back of the quilt perfectly flat.

And finally, I reorganized my sewing room.  After finishing with a ladies craft group that I hosted this fall it was time for a change. I share my room with the homeschooling and the office. I get two corners for sewing. I lost the table I usually have behind me when I sew, but since I haven't been kicking out quilts at the speed of light it's been working out okay.

One of our cats sneaked in the house and seemed to have run straight upstairs and tried to climb the design wall making a huge rip in the batting. New batting it is! It really did need to be recovered anyway. Still looking pretty clean. Maybe I need to get something up on that wall. The fabric is all put away. No, I haven't quite got to my goal of it being 100% contained under the longarm. But I am working on it.

I just can't bring myself to count my quilts for this year and do an end of year post. I think it would just make me feel bad as I was not my usual productive self in the last half of the year.  But I am looking towards next year with new a new pattern hopefully coming soon. Speaking of patterns, I have reformatted 10 of my 14 patterns. The covers have all been updated. They look so much nicer now and many have fewer pages. You could say I have now learned publisher!

That's about it for me and what I've been up to. Enjoy the new year!!!

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