Thursday, April 28, 2016

Persimmon Jelly Roll

 60 x 70

Moda Persimmon Jelly Roll was used to make this gorgeous quilt.  I used the whole jelly roll plus a little textured tan scraps to make this quilt 1 row bigger.  You can find the original pattern here. I'm glad I did as it works fine even with an even row pattern.  You know a pattern that takes 2 rows to complete it.  Well, this quilt is 6 x 7.  I think it works in this case because the fabrics aren't too bright.

I had to redo 2 blocks with the navy print because it stood out too much.  It was the blocks with the larger corner pieces.  But I did leave in the blocks with the navy diagonal.  They don't stand out too much.

The cutting of the jelly roll lends itself to leftover pieces, which I used on the back to extend this wide fabric to fit the quilt. I love to add color to the back.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just the Basics Quilt A Long

Leanne at the Devoted Quilter is having a mystery quilt-a-long.  I like her fabric selection so much I decided to join her.  Okay, I copied her colors too!  Shameless!

For this month all you have to do is make a boat load of half square triangles!  Really, that's it! Mine are finally done.  At least Leanne said that this month is the heavy work load.  Glad that's out of the way.

I hope you pop on over to Leanne's blog and consider joining us in this mystery quilt-a-long.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sea Glass

51 x 60

Doesn't this quilt make you think of the sea?  I just love the blue and greens in this Kona Cotton quilt.  I used Breakers, Grasshopper, Mediterranean, Ultra Marine, Astral, Parrot, Ice Frappe, and Silver. 
This pattern is called Out of Step.  I removed the outer border from the original and added 4 rows and 1 column to make it bigger. I continued to follow the maze pattern, making it twist and turn at the bottom. I love how it turned out!

I wanted the quilting to look like waves.  It was harder than than I thought trying to control my longarm because I really wanted the wave to be equally spaced.  I was getting distracted with the up and down motion and had to do some seam ripping.

I found this button print in my stash and thought it went perfectly with my colors.  It's one of my HTU (hard to use) for  this month, a welcome surprise!  It reminds me of pieces of sea glass.

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This quilt is my One Monthly Goal for the month. You can see more of the goals met at Red Letter Quilts  I hope you'll join us next month and pick a goal for yourself.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Custom Memory Quilt from Men's Shirts

My friend asked me to make a twin sized quilt from her father-in-law's shirts. I've seen this done before, but hadn't done it myself.  She gave me 14 shirts, mostly longsleeve.  I cut the shirts up into 6 inch squares and made half square triangles trying to put a light with a dark. This was not my initial layout of the squares, it was Myra who suggested making the diamonds.  I guess I just wasn't on my game that day. I'm so glad for friends who can help when you're having an off day!

My friend's husband requested I put his dad's cattle brand on the quilt somewhere. I was going to print it on on fabric, but with this pattern that wasn't going to work.  Applique was the second suggestion, but I don't do that well I told her.  It's still not professional, but I did practice on a couple scrap pieces before figuring out to add some stabilizer to the back.  It's all thread since the pieces were so small.

 This was quite a learning experience.  Cutting the shirts up took much longer than I thought. You have to cut them apart with scissors, iron all the pieces and then cut them into squares.  Working with thin shirts, slick shirts, and flannels all at once wasn't too bad. The HST's went together easily.  I was more concerned with getting everything perfect because this wasn't my quilt.  It seems silly now, but you can't just order more fabric and make another one.  I'm glad I made it, but next time I'm making sure they don't pick half square triangles!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Baby Nines - Granny's Square Patch

39 x 49

This is a new pattern from  Myra of BusyHandsQuilts called Granny's Square Patch.  You can find it here. I choose to make the baby size because I found this gray print in my Hard to Use Stash.  Yards of it needed to be used.  After I made the first one, I liked it so much I made another and I still have 1 yard left!

The pattern called for me to use the black as the border, but I thought it would look better with the gray print.  So I just added a 1 inch black border between the inside and the gray border. Worked great!

 I put black minky on the back so it would be nice and soft. It's quilted with a meandering pattern in a gray thread. A Quilted Passion 

Friday, April 1, 2016

April OMG and March Stash Report

April's OMG is this pile of partially sewn solids I have been trying to get finished, but things keep taking priority. Before I can get this finished though, I have a customer memory quilt that needs finished.  So really 2 quilts are my goal this month.  You can link up to Red Letter Quilts OMG here.

Stash Report

Two more HTU quilts are done this month and two made from those solids I purchased. I really am trying not to buy fabric, but sometime you need some to finish a quilt.  Then you must spend the minimum for free shipping, right? I must have really built my stash last year with all my purchases.  It's easy to lose track if you're not counting.  This stash report is really helping with over buying.




MAR IN:  21 yards   
MAR OUT: 38 yards

YTD IN: 90.75
YTD OUT: 119
YTD CHANGE: 28.25 out 

Yearly Goals
6/20 HTU
15/36 Quilts

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