Thursday, August 31, 2017

Morse Code Quilt

If you've been reading my blog for a while, this quilt might look familiar to you. I first made one of these Morse Code quilts in 2015. I have it listed in my shop, but my customer didn't like the back of it and wanted to know if I could make another one. 

Sorry it's wrinkled. I had it folded and in it's box to ship and then remembered I didn't take a picture! I found almost all the same prints in my stash. She wanted it quilted the same way also with the dashes, circles, and squares. 

 You can really see the quilting on the back. I went through 4 bobbins of thread, 2 more than normal for this size of quilt. I didn't wash it because she wants to hang it on the wall.

It was fun to do some custom quilting as I don't do it very often! Linking with Finished or Not Friday.

August Stash Report

I had a productive month but it was mostly because I had some tops done from last month that got finished this month. I also had to make some fabric purchases to finish up quilt orders, but no complaints here! I also stocked up on my solid stash and I have started using it, but I haven't finished anything yet. The rail in the hallway is filling up again with tops!

In:   67.5
Out: 76.5
Net: 153

Friday, August 25, 2017

Black and Green Memory Quilt

56 x 70

Memory quilt number two represents my friend's faith in Jesus. His black shirts were used along with plain white and lime green shirts. Two zebra prints in flannel were added to make this quilt shine. This is my own design based on the number of shirts she gave me.

One of the lime green shirts had a pocket on it and I thought it would be a cool addition to the quilt. I quilted around it, leaving it open since it is a pocket. I had debated quilting something on it, but with the thickness of the shirt, the stabilizer, the batting, and the flannel on back it was just too thick and wasn't going to quilt up nicely.

Just like the last quilt, she requested a note quilted in the corner. Such a personal touch. I used a disappearing pen this time, but I still had trouble knowing where I was going to go. By the fourth one I should have this down pat!

This quilt is so cozy with all the flannel. I love it just as much as the first one. Now just two more to go!

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Blue and Green Stadium Quilt

58" x 74"

This is my second stadium/collegiate style quilt. But it was not made for a specific school, it was just made to be a blue and green quilt. The colors match a beautiful picture of a duck with it's green head and blue feathers.

You can see the first stadium quilt I made here. The pattern can be found in Moda Bakeshop book Sweet Celebrations. Hope you're having a great start to your week!

Friday, August 18, 2017

King Size Rainbow Bargello

105 x 100 

Finished this week is this King Sized Rainbow Bargello quilt!  I have been making rainbow bargello quilt for a while now and had someone ask me if I could make on in a king size. Sure, you bet! What I didn't figure in before saying yes was that this size is much longer than a twin size and requires more strips and more colors.

It took 52 different shades of Kona Cotton to make this quilt and several attempts at arranging and rearranging to get the colors to blend across the quilt. Surprisingly, I had most of these colors already and only had to order a few purples to complete the rainbow.

It is quilted in a red thread and backed and bound with black.

I had to include this picture because the kids look so cute holding the quilt up for me!

I now offer all sizes of this quilt in my etsy shop

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lap Size Cross Memory Quilt

64 x 72

This is the second memory quilt I made for my friend. For this one I used three items of clothing, a purple polo shirt, a purple dress shirt, and a purple jacket/blazer. They are sitting on the bottom of this pile of fabrics. 

She asked that I add navy and purple fabric to this quilt. She also gave me two military patches to add to the front of the quilt. Her husband had been in the navy and was a veteran.

For the back she requested this Military fabric and she wanted the the flag from one of his shirts added also. I added a border to the shirt and inserted it on the bottom corner. I didn't have enough fabric to go the other way (because it is directional) but I think this still looks okay.

Finally, she requested that I quilt Love, Dad - on the quilt. I don't have the best handwriting, but I gave it a good try. I tried to keep the start and stop to a minimum. Next time I'm going to write it out with a disappearing pen first.

When I started this quilt, I wasn't sure how this was going to work with all the things she was asking me for.  But now that it is finished, it is the most thoughtful quilt I have ever made. My friend has 4 children and this is the first memory quilt to be finished.  I can't believe how wonderful it is! Hopefully the next three will look just as great!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Queen Size Memory Quilt

96 x 108

This is the first of the 5 memory quilts I was asked to make by my friend. She chose this cross quilt pattern, but only had 4 polo shirts for me to use. This was my initial fabric pull, but I did end up adding in two more of each color. 

I think I need a bigger design wall! This quilt is 16 x 18 blocks and I cut my squares at 6.5". I you wanted to make a king size bed, you would have to add some borders, but that would make it a very long quilt. 

I have it on my king size bed and it over hangs less than 2 blocks. It will be shorter once it is washed.

The entire cross was just his shirts which made it a little more challenging to sew together. I tried in the rest of the quilt not to put two shirts touching.  I really like this pattern, but not this color combo. I did get to make another one in a lap size, but I'll show you that one later.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Scrappy Patchwork Quilt Sew Along

96 x 96

I was encouraged by a friend to make this quilt.  Sherri from A Quilting Life is leading this sew along called Scrappy Patchwork Quilt Sew Along. The directions were for a large lap quilt, but I decided to make mine into a queen size.

It was Myra's idea to add the pieced border since I didn't have enough of any fabrics to do a border. And I just love it!

The back is an extra wide piece of cream fabric which was so nice because I didn't have to piece anything.

These fabrics all came from my more traditional stash that I have been trying to use up. This quilt made a huge dent in my pile, but I think I still have enough for 2 or 3 more quilt tops. But at least I'm getting used to using these colors. The orange still has me pondering. I think I'll take it out next time and replace it with some cream fabrics.

Here is it on a full size bed. I've been wishy washy the entire time of making this quilt, but I think I'm ending on the "I like it" side of things.

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