Friday, January 27, 2017

Another Chunky Race Quilt

 49 x 59

This is my last chunky race quilt for a while.  I really wanted to try some open feathers on this one, but when I got to looking at the top of the quilt, it didn't really say open feathers to me.  So I dug out my pantographs and picked this swirly one.  I haven't done a panto in a while so it was good for my brain to try this one out.

After a couple tries of getting the prep work correct, I finally got to quilting.  I even took some time to teach a friend of mine about pantos.  She just got a new longarm and hasn't even loaded a quilt yet. We went over all the steps and man was there a lot that I just do without thinking. There are a lot of extra steps for a panto that I don't do when I am meandering.

Leftovers on the back to use up some stash. This is a fun and fast pattern that I know I will get out again later.  But right now, I'm ready for something new!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Orange and Green Chunky Race Quilt

 49 x 59

This is my second chunky race quilt to be quilted. I loved the look of the last one so I decided to do the same thing again. This time I left out the ribbon candy quilting that I had so much trouble with last time. And I changed the circles to double circles.  Love those!

I also got smarter and put my better looking patterns on the fabric that was going to show up more.

You can see more of my quilting on the back of the quilt. I love the short sections of quilting, but that you can find it again in other places.

Second one down, only 1 to go!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Jelly Roll Wave

50 x 60

This is Myra's new pattern called Jelly Roll Wave.  It's a fun one to sew because of the different ways you can put it together.  You can see more options on Myra's blog Busy Hands Quilts.  I chose to quilt mine with things that reminded me of the ocean.

Wavy lines on the prints traveling up and down, pebbles on the sides and swirls in the centers.  I have to say that swirls are a bit of a weak spot in my quilting repertoire, especially these big ones. 

I do love the look on the back. The wavy quilting reminds me of an old clam shell shaped basket I used to have in my bathroom.

You can find Myra's pattern in her Crafty Shop. Stop by Myra's blog to see four more versions of this quilt. Her's look completely different than mine, so I know you're going to want to go look!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Minecraft with a New Border

 82 x 100

I recently made this large full sized quilt and just wanted to share it with you. My customer initially wanted a 1" pieced border, but after I told her how long that would take she agreed to this 2" border. It still took 5 hours just to piece the green border, but it looks amazing! The quilt itself is extra big and it has the most blocks I have ever put in a minecraft quilt. You can find the pattern here.

I love how the custom "skin" makes the quilt unique. (That's the middle block with the blue.) Thanks for letting me share with you today!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Rainbow Bargello Lap Size

First I want share a link to How to Track Your Fabric Yardage which was shared by Jeni of In Color Order today. She wrote a great article on the how's and why's of keeping track of your fabric.  I started keeping track last year.  I want to encourage all of you to start keeping track this year!

60 x 72

This is a reduced size of the rainbow bargello quilt I made here and here.  I love it in a lap size.  Not only did I reduce the number of strips to 36 and remove 3 columns, I also changed the way the tubes were ironed so I could skip the pinning process.  Score!  It worked great, and the quilt comes together so much faster.

I ironed the first set up towards the brown and the second set down away from the brown.  Then all you have to do is cut the odd number strips from the first tube, and the even number stips from the second tube. Now they will nest nicely when you sew the columns together.

My new favorite backing color is gray with a touch of color.  This one, of course, had to have a rainbow!
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