Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emma's Home and Her Quilt!

Emma came home tuesday from her 11 week stay in the NICU!!!  She weighs 4 lb 15 oz about triple from when she was born.  Her first night home was rough, but her second was great.  We are getting into hang of things now.  It's a little different having a premie because she has to have her milk fortified and I can only nurse her 2 times a day.  Lots of extra work to get that accomplished.  But I have some helpers who love to feed and hold the baby!

Here's the quilt I made for her play pen. And 2 of her lovely sisters!

The plus quilt pattern seems to be a current favorite.  Soft teal and orange high light the pretty flower fabric not really shown well in the photos.

I stippled for a quick and easy finish

Not much sewing to be done for a while!

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