Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Splash of Color QAL - Blocks and Stash Report

I have my pile of blocks all finished for the splash of color qal. I am just loving them! The white prints with the rainbow of color is so pretty.

I also have these huge black and white with yellow blocks done.  It's going to be a queen size, but there are only 25 blocks!

Are you quilting along?

Splash Quilt Along @ Busy Hands Quilts

October Stash Report

This has been my busiest month sewing this year. And it was starting to take it's tole on me.  But I feel I am catching up with things.  However, more custom orders usually means more fabric purchases. I would really like to get to 200 out for the year...

In:   70
Out: 82
Net: 126.5 out

Friday, October 27, 2017

Boomerang Pillow Shams and a Minecraft Quilt

I finished the boomerang pillow shams this week. The block arrangement is slightly different in each pillow.  I made the blocks 6" so that the pillow would be the correct size.

I also finished this Minecraft quilt. This one is different because it has 4 new blocks in it, all bad guys.  Bad guys seem to be popular for some reason!  You can find the pattern here.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Queen Size Boomerang Quilt

90 x 90

Another paper pieced boomerang quilt finished! I never thought I would be making another one of these quilts.  Fortunately, I learned a few things from the last paper pieced quilt I made. It is still super difficult to get the points to end up in the correct location.

The background color in this quilt is Kona Parchment even though it looks a bit gray. The colors were picked by my customer and I think she did a great job.  Quilting is a simple organic wavy lines which looks great on this quilt.

I'm making two pillow shams to go with this quilt, but they aren't finished yet.  Hopefully the fabric will get here today and I can get them done!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Splash of Color QAL - cutting done

My first quilt for the Splash of Color QAL is black and white with scrappy rainbow squares. This on has lots of little pieces but it is going to be so cute!

My second quilt is this black and white with yellow has large pieces and will go together very quickly!  Oh, I did change the yellows to just the one on the top of the pile. I think it will unify the pattern more.

I am excited to get working on these two quilts!

Splash Quilt Along @ Busy Hands Quilts

Friday, October 13, 2017

UT T-Shirt Quilt

Any UT fans out there? This is the last of the 5 memory quilts for my friend. This one was fun to make. I really like the two color theme of this quilt.

Look at that double pocket!  I only quilted a single line under the flap on the lower pocket because that piece was too big not to quilt. There are two pockets in this quilt. I cut the white TEXAS strip off one of the sleeves and put in there even though it couldn't be centered.

This was my own design based on the shirts she gave me. I like the linear lines in different size columns. This one is one of my favorites!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

King Size Postcard Quilt

 102 x 114

This is a modified Postcard from Sweden Quilt enlarged to make it a King Size.  Isn't it magnificent. with the rich Kona Cotton colors? 

I made two king size pillow shams to go along with the quilt. She wanted a bright yellow for the back of the quilt for the pillows. I made them with an envelope opening on the back.

She also wanted a matching pillow case for her dog!  This one is not quilted and has a zipper closure.

The hardest part about making this quilt is sewing all the HST blocks. The rest seemed easy compared to that. The pillows are a nice touch to complete the set which is for sale in my shop.

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Fat Quarter Shop Clementine Quilt Along

Every year Fat Quarter Shop hosts a charity quilt along in which they post monthly patterns on their blog in exchange for a donation each time a quilter downloads the pattern. In addition, they auction off a completed charity quilt where 100% of the proceeds go to charity.  This year, all of the proceeds of the Clementine Quilt will be going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The donation efforts for the Quilt Along are on a good start with Moda and Fat Quarter Shop donating $10,000 each! 

The Quilt Along will run from January to July, with one pattern coming out each month for 6 blocks and a finishing pattern to make the quilt!  Here is the official Clementine Quilt Along Announcement for you to check out. Hope you will consider quilting along with this great charity event!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Splash of Color Quilt Along Fabric and Pattern

Splash Quilt Along @ Busy Hands Quilts

Below is my fabric for the Splash of Color Quilt a Long at Busy Hands Quilts. I am making the cover quilt on the book  Splash of Color - A Rainbow of Bright Black-and-White QuiltsI went through my scrap bin and pulled out some of the bright colors that I like. 

I actually decided to make two quilts for this quilt a long!  My second one will be black and white with yellow.  I have made this one before and I love the pattern because it uses big blocks with just a hint of color.

Love this QAL because I get to choose my fabrics AND the pattern!  I hope you'll join in the fun!

Monday, October 2, 2017

September Stash Report

I made this cute pillow case for a friend that had surgery this week. I wanted to give her something to cheer up her bed while she was in the hospital. I put this in a gift basket with some essentials and gave it to her before she left.

I have been buying so much fabric for customer quilts lately that I didn't even want to post this report. But this is what keeps me accountable and I feel I need to finish out the year. I finished a lot of quilts I had started in the last two months. And I restocked the kona cotton as I have been going through it quickly.


In:   116
Out:  77.5
Net: 114.5 out for the year

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