Monday, July 31, 2017

July Stash Report and Rainbow Baby Quilt

36 x 40 

Wow! It's taken me a month to get this quilted. Well at least it is done. I used the two at a time method for making these HST so I actually have another one ready to make in the closet. Does that mean I now have a WIP that will get lost and become a UFO? Uh oh!

July Stash Report
I've been busy working on many different quilt tops, but only finished a couple. Next month should look very good for fabric usage! I had to buy some fabric for the memory quilts I'm working on and for some other project too.  Nothing  is going in the stash so I still feel good about my purchases.

Out:   40.5
In:     41.25
Net: 144

Friday, July 28, 2017

Custom Table Runner and Place Mats

 20 x 72

I had a customer request a bargello table runner and 6 place mats the other day. She wanted a 6 foot long runner. I didn't realize how big this runner was going to be until I started making it! It is so big it doesn't fit very well on my 8 person table. I changed up my regular bargello pattern to give it some more curve since it was only 20" wide.

The place mats are 12" x 16".Originally she wanted bargello mats too, but decided it would be too busy on her table. So we went with a simple stripe pattern instead.  I added in a few extra fabrics so each mat would have less colors but more shades.  The binding on every thing is a gray solid, even though it looks a bit blue in these photos. I quilted everything with a gray thread in a meander to tie it all together.

Linking with Busy Hands Quilts.

Friday, July 21, 2017

King Size Buckeye Beauty

108 x 108

This pattern is similar to a Jacob's Ladder quilt, but it is called Buckeye Beauty. It can be made from a 4 patch that has two HST and two smaller 4 patches. I laid all my smaller blocks out on the design wall and sewed them together by rows. I felt I had more control of color placement and I didn't have to get up and iron each set of 4 blocks.

This was a custom request by one of my customers. She wanted a quilt with purple and gray with some other  colors thrown in. We chose to add blue and sage green colors. I used 11 fabrics of each purple and gray and only 7 of greens and blues.  36 different fabrics in all.

She chose a purple border,  a gray back, and a light purple thread. It all worked out beautifully.  It's been a while since I've made a king size quilt, but it went smoothly. If it had been any larger it wouldn't have fit on my longarm.

If you're wanting one just like this one in the colors of your choice, I've listed it in my etsy shop.

Linking with Busy Hands Quilts.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Picnic Blanket

68 x 68 

Here is my picnic blanket from the Rainbow Picnic Sew Along. I chose not to make a rainbow blanket because I had some purple canvas on hand already. Sorry the pictures are so bad, I took them with my iPad. My computer has died and now I have no editing software. I am working on a 9 year old computer that has no USB ports!

My picnic blanket isn't really this dark!  It's actually very happy and sunny looking with all the light orange fabrics. I even added the tie to the back so it could be rolled up and put away. Turned out great!

You can check out Rachel's picnic blanket and a few others here.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rainbow Picnic Sew Along

I am really excited to try something new. This is a quilt along to make a picnic blanket. The new part for me is that it has a canvas back and no batting. I am curious to see how it will turn out.

I have my fabrics picked out for Rachel's Rainbow Picnic Sew Along.  While I love her rainbow picnic blanket I didn't think it would go with the canvas I found in my closet. I have a few different pieces of canvas fabric that I normally use to cover my ironing board that were given to me several years ago. But only one of them was large enough to go on the back of my quilt.

And it is this light purple gingham fabric. I picked orange and teal to go with the shades of purple.

The squares are all cut and I am ready to get this quilt top laid out!  If you'd like to see other's progress on their Rainbow Picnic Blanket, click here to go to Stitched in Color.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Stash Report

Every post needs a photo....this is one that I'm working on. I just got a request from a friend to make her 5 memory quilts from her husband's shirts so I have also started on that, but they are not due until Christmas so I have a while.

Fabric Usage
Oh my, oh my!  I bought a lot of fabric this month! But in my defense it was all solids and minky which I used. I did keep about half for my stash, because you have to buy several yards to get a good price.  But overall I'm still going up in my usage!

In:   40
Out:   48
Net:  144.75
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