Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dwirling Attempt!

I have to warn you...I don't like this quilt!  I know it looks really nice in that picture, but when you're looking at it in person it's not so great!  I was surprised when I saw the picture, because it looks like the one I copied (except that one was square).  My husband and I decided that the brown needs to be a print and not a solid.  That might help it not look so plain.

The other thing I don't care for is the quilting.  It is my first try at dwirling.  Maybe I need to keep practicing! I love the method, just not my pattern!  It was fun to free motion somthing besides meander.  Although meander probably would have looked better for a man's quilt!

Close up shows the quilting.  I used a circle template on the foot of my longarm to keep the distance between the lines closer to 1 inch.

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