Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue and White Quilt

Half square triangles are far from my favorite thing to do, but I love this quilt!  It really wasn't as bad as I always make HST out to be. I might even make another one.  This fabric is all from JoAnns, yep it was the quilter's showcase line that goes on sale for $2.50 a yard!  I have used it before and it makes a lovely quilt.  Feels and looks just like fabric that costs more.  The white is Kona, as I only use Kona.   I guess I'm a Kona snob.  My daughter has a quilt made from purples and greens quilter's showcase fabric and it is holding up to washings and wear very nicely.  The back reminds me of a present and was a slightly different way to put it together.  Love it!


  1. fun quilt - especially the back. I also purchase fabric from Joanns and have had only one problem with it. I wanted to join a block exchange but they would only allow quilt store fabric and as my fabric is all mixed together I wasn't sure what was and wasn't bought at Joanns and I wasn't going to buy new fabric at $10 a yard to join. My quilts are made to be used and washed many times. I plan for them to wear out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love blue and white quilts! Yours is beautiful.

  3. I'm so impressed you got the back on so straight. The quilt is lovely, both sides!