Thursday, February 13, 2014

Geographic Patchwork

I love this pattern!  It came together quickly and it was easy.  All you need is 6 fabrics.  I used 1 main print, 1 light print, 2 med prints, and 2 dark prints.  My quilt is 57x66 or 6 by 7 blocks.

I used the tutorial from here but had to make more blocks. Her layout is bigger than her blocks allow.

I cut my blocks according to the tutorial, but you need  12 squares of your 2 prints and 6 squares of your other 4 (instead of 6 and 3). Make sure you turn all your squares RIGHT SIDE UP before you do your slicing!  If you don't, some of your pieces will be backwards!  I know it doesn't look like it right off hand, but each one of those pieces are exactly the same shape if you turn them.  So you can pile them up in one pile.  The exception is the directional fish print.  I grabbed pieces that were facing different ways for each block pile so all the fishes weren't facing the same.  Is that confusing?

I printed out her layout picture because I didn't know how many different blocks there were and how many I needed of each one.  Turns out there are only 4 blocks in this quilt.  The bottom two piles have 16 blocks and the top 2 piles have 8. blocks.  Now you should TRIM your blocks.  I did not do this because I thought I could get them to match good enough (and I was being lazy).  Ya, that didn't work very well.  So, you might want to trim them to 9  or 9 1/4 because some of mine were smaller than 9 1/2.  When I make this again, I will be trimming!!!

Meaner quilting in a brownish gray thread.

Leftover fish fabric on the back.

Fun, quick, and easy quilt to make!

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  1. What a fun quilt. Looks much more complicated than it is. It would look great in so many different colors. Thanks for the link and the tips.


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