Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Quilt and Some Pillows

This is the second t-shirt quilt for the Children's Church.  I'm not sure about the green that I chose, but the kids like it.  I tried several colors in my stash, but I don't have a lot of kid friendly prints.  The back is a zig zag flannel with red, orange, green and teal on a white background.  I difinitely like the back! Sorry there's no picture.

There are so many shirts that the church has left over from camp and things that I couldn't possibly use them all.  So we took these white ones (which were ugly shirts in my oppinion) and turned them into cute pillows!
These white ones are going to be given away at camp with a colored sharpie as a "signing" pillow.  The campers can have their cabinmates sign the pillow as a keepsake from camp.

The process is quite simple.  After I cut off the top and sides of the shirt,  I used the 14.5 inch template that I have been using for the quilt blocks and drew a square around the design with disappearing ink.  Then I pinned and sewed about 1/2 inch inside the line leaving a hole at the bottom of the shirt for stuffing.  

We trimmed the top and sides with pinking shears on the ink line.  My daughter stuffed the pillows and I sewed them closed.  Finally, we cut the bottom with the pinking shears and it was done!

Here are a couple pillows we made for the Children Church store.  The kids earn tickets by learning verses and get to spend them at the store.  The "R" pillow stands for Revolution Youth. and the purple pillow below came from a young ladies retreat called "Her Virtue".   

So if you have old, or new, t-shirts laying around but you don't have enough for a quilt, you can always turn them into a pillow for a wonderful keepsake!


  1. That's cute! I like this post! And I love your blog too! I hope you'd check my blog too and follow me as well if you like. :)

    Katherine @ Nested Thoughts

  2. Shannon,
    I love the green you used, such a happy color.

    What a brillant idea with the pillows. The campers will treasure their pillows!

    Tell your daughter that she did a great job stuffing the pillow.

  3. One year for Christmas, I took the favorite of my t-shirts of one of my Littles and made it a pillow, She loves it; it reminds her of me even all these years later. When she opened it, her mom said, "It's just like the t-shirt!" Lulu said, "Mom, It IS the shirt, smell !~!" My method was similar to yours only I used a decorative stitch on the outside of the edges. It came out very cute and she loves it still.


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