Friday, June 20, 2014

Even Boys Can Quilt! - Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about David's Quilt and today it's Luke's turn!  It was so fun to teach 2 of my boys to sew.  Luke also chose his own fabrics and sewed the top.  The difference with him is that he wanted to quilt his own!  Since he was tall enough I helped him by standing behind him and holding on a little so he wouldn't get too far off the lines.  Here's his quilting, which isn't bad for a first try!

Linkig to: TGIFF at Sew Fresh Quilts  and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict


  1. Great quilting! I can only hope that my first attempts will be half as good! (currently I just quilt with a walking foot.)

  2. Great job Luke! Okay if I copy your pattern? How big are your squares? I need to make some baby quilts and this pattern would be perfect.

    Shannon, you have some a couple of very talented boys! Putting four of Luke
    s quilt together would make a great couch quilt.

  3. Very nice, Luke! Your quilt looks great!!! Wasn't that fun?!

  4. Looks great! My son has used the walking foot, but maybe I should let him try some free motion.

  5. Wow! Nice job on your quilt! How wonderful that you are learning skills that will come in handy as you grow older:)


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