Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Twin Friendship Quilts - Part 1

This fabric came from the estate sale I told you about last time.  There were lots of 7 inch squares (not cut very straight) in red, shown below, and blue.  During one of our quilt ministry meetings she showed me these fabrics and told me that she got them in Hawaii. 

I decided to make this friendship block to highlight the fabrics.  When I went to calculate how many half square triangles I would need, I made a mistake.  I ended up making 2 times as many as I needed!  Do you ever do that?  So instead of making 12 blocks, I needed to make 24.  But I don't have enough of the cream fabric to sash 2 quilts and the HST are already made.  So I started trying some differerent layouts:

 Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I ended up going with all blue (option 4!) because I needed to change the sashing.  I found a blue fabric in my stash that was really close to the one in the block for the border and a lighter one for the sashing.  A matching red quilt is almost done!

I freehanded the sashing, spacing the lines about 1 inch apart and the triangles and large square got a larger version of the smaller squares with an added loop in the middle.  I was able to continuously quilt the whole block so it didn't take too long.

I used my horizontal and vertical locks to create the random ruler lines in the border.  I wanted something that wasn't girly and I think this fits the bill.

Even though it's not the quilt I had pictured in my head, it turned out real nice!  It was quite a challenge to find the right fabrics after I had already started to make the quilt.  Note to self:  Measure twice, cut once!

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  1. I like how you did the cornerstones, so the pattern just continues along. Very pretty!

  2. Awesome finish! Definitely not girly. I am sure the red will be just as striking.

  3. Great quilt Shannon. I love it that the stars look like they are spinning. The light blue sashing was a perfect choice. Looking forward to seeing the red version.


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