Monday, December 29, 2014

A More Traditional Quilt

Here she is!  I don't usually make traditional quilts, but I had to.  I have some what I call "ugly to me fabric" that needs to get used up.  It's the cream fabric up there.  I just don't like it.  But I do like this quilt.  Not for me of course - not my style or colors!  But I make quilts all the time that are for other people.  Someone will enjoy it. 

I could only find 4 fabrics in my stash to go with this fabric.  You can't make too many modern quilts with only 4 fabrics.  I searched pinterest for weeks looking for patterns that only use 3 or 4 fabrics.  I was really surprised that when I cut up this fabric that it looked good in the blocks.

I used the rest of it on the back.  No leftovers!

Becca made another fleece quilt for Papa to give out.  

She is really improving on her quilting. On this quilt she learned how to start and end a row on the longarm.  Next will be rolling and basting the sides.  Pretty soon she won't need me at all!  It's so fun to have her in the sewing room with me.

Happy New Year everyone!  


  1. It did turn out great! What a great use for some unloved fabrics. It's sure to bless someone's life. Do you find it harder to finish a quilt when you don't like the fabrics as much?

  2. I LOVE this quilt! The colors are perfect. What is the name of the pattern? How fun that Becca is enjoying making quilts for her Papa to gift. You are indeed blessed to be able to share your quilting with her. Have a wonderful happy new year Shannon.


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