Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Black vs Yellow

I finished up the last 2 I-Spy Scrappy Quilts the other day.  I decided it would be fun to see which binding we like better  - black or yellow.

Here they are side by side.  I think I like the black better on this type of quilt because it gives the quilt a dark finished edge.

Although on the back, I like the yellow because it blends in perfectly.  Which one do you like?

I used glue to hold the binding in place on both of these quilts.  I did the black first then the yellow.  I think I finally got the hang of it.  I was placing the glue down the strip further so the process was going much faster.  And I got the edge lined up better this time.

You can almost see all of my helpers in this last photo!  These are my youngest 4 and they love to hold up quilts that are almost as tall as they are.  And then there is Emma who just keeps peeking behind the quilt to see what everyone is doing!

You all have a great week!  (Yep, I live in Oklahoma!)


  1. My favorite fabric for binding kid's quilt is black with white dots. So it is no surprise that I like your black binding better than the yellow.

    Super cute kids!

  2. I love seeing how one simple change can make a difference in a quilt. Personally I like the black binding better on the front. The yellow gives a softer look and is cute on the front and back. But your helpers really steal the show. I love seeing their smiles.

  3. How fun that they love to hold the quilts for you. They are so precious!


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