Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scrappy Black and Red Twister


This twister quilt was made following Jasmine's tutorial except I cut my squares at 6 inches instead of 10 to make a smaller twister block.  And I used white for every other twister to lighten the quilt up a bit.

I laid my ruler 1.5 inches in from the left on the top and 1.5 inches in from the right on the bottom and made a cut.

I don't have a rotating mat big enough so I just moved my ruler without moving the fabric.  Repeat the same cut.

Each piece ends up looking exactly the same.  NOTE:  remember to place all squares right side up when cutting on the 4 pieces or they will be backwards.

I was deciding between twisters that were all the same in the block or the scrappy version. After I laid out the pieces, I decided it would be easier to cut some of the white into 2 pieces instead of 4 so there would be less sewing.  I forgot to take a picture of this and you can't see it in the picture.  Sorry!

I went with the scrappy version.  I somewhat randomly placed a black and red print together and sewed all the blocks.  Then I trimmed them to 4.5 inches.  Them placed them out on the design wall to make sure all the different fabrics got spread out.

I really love this quilt!  I plan on making some more in the future.  Perhaps lime green and teal or maybe even 3 different colors.  Lots of options with this pattern.  Hope you give it a try!

Needle and Thread Thursday


  1. It's awesome! Your mathematical brain wins again! I look at all those pieces and get overwhelmed. I think I need a vacation!! :)

  2. Neat idea...thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for your post. I love the twisters but it seems too much waste to bother. Your method and adding the white is much better! Plus your fabrics look great too!

    1. Thanks Sheri! I didn't like the waste or the ruler for the other method. Jasmine's method works so much better!

  4. Turned out beautiful, very striking quilt.

  5. This looks amazing! It reminds me that I still need to make another twister quilt. And then I want to make one with the white in between like yours.

  6. I need to make one of these! It turned out great! Red, white and black are fantastic together!


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