Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hand Dyed Quilt

52 x 66

All of the fabrics on the front are hand dyed except the pink and yellow. I used a ready for dye cotton fabric.  After washing this quilt 3 times, it still doesn't have that same soft feel as my other quilts.

The pattern was easy, I cut up a bunch of 2.5 inch squares so I could control where the darker squares landed.  But you could easily have strip pieced the blocks.

I found a matching moda marble in red for the back and some blue mirage stuff in my stash that was almost the exact color.

I ended up with several knots on the back (around 8).  I have since loaded some practice fabric and used the rest of the bobbin (and several more) and didn't get a single knot.  I quilted fast, slow, meander, loop, feather, back and forth.  The knots were spread out all over the quilt instead of being in one general area.  Don't know what happened, but I am glad that it seems to have stopped.

I also had some bleeding on the white after washing with 2 color catchers.  I washed it again with 2 more and some synthrapol (we use this when we tie dye shirts) and it all seemed to come out.  I thought that was why the quilt wasn't soft, so I washed it a third time, but nothing changed.  Anyone have a good way to soften this quilt?

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  1. What a simple idea - What a lovely quilt. Gorgeous colors!!!

  2. Another happy quilt! Love the color combo. I'd go crazy with that many squares!

  3. It looks so pretty. I'm glad you could get the excess dye out.


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