Friday, March 4, 2016

Modern 70's Quilt

52 x 66 

I made this quilt from a half a jelly roll.  The jelly roll was warm earthy colors and half cool water colors, but they didn't seem to go together.  So I searched for a pattern that would work.  This one is called Traffic by JayBird Quilts. I have a pinterest board for jelly roll quilt patterns if you wanna look.

These fabrics remind me of my mom's kitchen in the 70's and 80's.  She even painted ceramics in orange, green, and brown.  Such memories!  The white helps to modernize these fabrics as well as this pattern which was fast and easy.

Some orange and green fabric from my stash that seems to go nicely.  I even had enough of the brown to add a racing stripe on the back.

Linking with Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Have a great week quilting!


  1. Love it!!! Inspiration abounds! I am going to have to get this pattern - thanks

  2. I see more stash-busting! That pattern is a great way to use a half jelly roll and would look nice in most any collection.

  3. OMG you are so right about the colors of kitchens back then, orange, gold, avocado were my mom's colors and she did ceramics too!! But I do love the quilt as it is modern prints and I have noticed those colors have crept back in within the last couple years with just a little different shade!

  4. Sounds like separating the roll was the right choice. What a fun quilt. It does remind me of my grandma's 70s house.

  5. I still love the colors of the 70s, & shag carpet too! Beautiful quilt!
    Your Midnight Mystery quilt looks so amazing leading the parade today! Congrats!

  6. Love your quilt and how the backing fits in with it. This pattern is now on my list of projects I want to make.

  7. Love this pattern and the fabrics you chose. The backing strip is a great added design element.


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