Friday, April 1, 2016

April OMG and March Stash Report

April's OMG is this pile of partially sewn solids I have been trying to get finished, but things keep taking priority. Before I can get this finished though, I have a customer memory quilt that needs finished.  So really 2 quilts are my goal this month.  You can link up to Red Letter Quilts OMG here.

Stash Report

Two more HTU quilts are done this month and two made from those solids I purchased. I really am trying not to buy fabric, but sometime you need some to finish a quilt.  Then you must spend the minimum for free shipping, right? I must have really built my stash last year with all my purchases.  It's easy to lose track if you're not counting.  This stash report is really helping with over buying.




MAR IN:  21 yards   
MAR OUT: 38 yards

YTD IN: 90.75
YTD OUT: 119
YTD CHANGE: 28.25 out 

Yearly Goals
6/20 HTU
15/36 Quilts


  1. Great quilts! I love those blues and greens in your solid quilt - good luck with your April OMG!

  2. You are staying in the black for fabric use, so that's a big congratulations! I like the solids you showed for your goal this month. Your quilts are so eclectic - I like that!

  3. You've done really well with finishes and more out than in for stash management. Looks like a pretty successful March. Good luck with Aprils OMG.

  4. I wish you well on your monthly goals. I too have several goals for each month, so I understand. I get bored working on just one project and need a few going on at once.

  5. Your solids quilt is lovely. I look forward to seeing how you finish it. Congrats on shrinking your stash.

  6. Good luck with your goals. The blue and green look great together.


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