Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Stash Report

It's been a great month for using fabric!  I made 3 bed sized quilts this month - WHEW! Two of these quilts came from what used to be the Hard To Use Fabrics, which is now the TUB of fabric since I added all my more traditional fabrics to get them out of my stash of modern fabrics. Since I now have 2 different stashes, I think the HTU goal will be disappearing. This month I hope to get a couple baby quilts sewn together, but my goal is more focused on making some custom quilt orders. 



May in: 40
May out: 54.5

YTD in: 149.75
YTD out: 205
YTD change: 55.25

Yearly Goals
11/20 HTU
24/36 QUILTS


  1. You're well on your way to your quilt goals! That is amazing!

  2. You had some great projects this month, congrats on the finishes.

  3. Wow! Your numbers are incredible. Congrats on all those finishes.


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