Thursday, November 3, 2016

Alternate Ending Rainbow Quilt

 70 x 70

This is my lasted customer quilt and it is stunning!  It's call The Alternate Ending because you can turn the 4 quadrants in different directions to get 4 different looks.  I think the pattern is way over priced because this quilt only comes in one size and you are forced to use the specific ruler she details in the description.  The pattern isn't really a pattern, more of a process to help you layout the quilt.
You can find the pattern here. The result is still a beautiful quilt and my customer is over the moon happy with it.

She purchased hand dyed fabrics and had them shipped to me.  It was hard sewing this type of fabric as it seemed tightly woven.  An even though it's cotton, it has a different feel to it. It's not as soft as Kona.  She also chose a bright pink thread.  I was really worried that this wouldn't look good, but it actually turned out great. 

She sent me this tie-dyed sheet to use for the back. It's soft and a little worn from use, but it quilted perfectly on my longarm. One thing I learned from this project is that HSTs take way more time than I thought. I kept track of my time on this quilt and I undercharged my customer. It took just over 19 hours to finish mostly because of the HSTs.


  1. Beautiful Work! Your customer really has an eye for color! That thread was a great pick.

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I understand about the pattern though. You did a wonderful job.

  3. It's beautiful, Shannon. The pink thread really does look nice with all those colours. I tend to stay away from quilt patterns that require specific rulers, especially is I don't see myself using that ruler for other things.

  4. Beautiful! I really like the fabrics your customer chose and you made them into a wonderful quilt! Great collaboration!

  5. Mesmerizing!What beautiful, beautiful quilt!

  6. This is gorgeous, and yes, half-square triangles are so time consuming, but so useful. Glad to see this post, I will have to check out the pattern.


  7. Wow! This looks amazing. I'm glad it was a successful quilting adventure.


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