Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Splash of Color QAL - Blocks and Stash Report

I have my pile of blocks all finished for the splash of color qal. I am just loving them! The white prints with the rainbow of color is so pretty.

I also have these huge black and white with yellow blocks done.  It's going to be a queen size, but there are only 25 blocks!

Are you quilting along?

Splash Quilt Along @ Busy Hands Quilts

October Stash Report

This has been my busiest month sewing this year. And it was starting to take it's tole on me.  But I feel I am catching up with things.  However, more custom orders usually means more fabric purchases. I would really like to get to 200 out for the year...

In:   70
Out: 82
Net: 126.5 out


  1. Such pretty fabrics. I love the patterns you have chosen also.

  2. Pretty black and white with a splash of colors blocks :)

  3. Yep I am lovin' those blocks. You still have 2 months, I think you will make it to 200! I might try to do an estimation of used this year. I'll just tally my runners up and do an average yds per and go from there. But I am not tallying the 'in' fabric, LOL

  4. I love the looks of your blocks and wish I had the time to participate. Good luck with your stash goals.


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