Friday, April 13, 2018

Custom Memory Quilt

88" x 88" 

Would you believe me if I told you this entire quilt top was made from men's dress shirts? Well it was! I used 6 white long sleeve shirts for the background and 17 colored dress shirts. The shirts were in very good condition, but because they were so tightly woven, my sewing machine didn't like them.  We plowed through it though and she is happily back to sewing her favorite cotton once again.

I made 4 pillows in different patterns, each of them are 16" square. The first two come from the quilt pattern and the last two are just HST patterns.

I used 4 of the shirt backs to make the pillow backs. I picked a variety of colors in the medium tones so nothing would stand out too much.

This was a big project (mostly because I couldn't use strip piecing), but it turned out so well. It looks just like it was made from quilting fabric and it will be a lasting memory of her husband.

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  1. I am sure she will love it! So touching!

  2. LOVE the Jewel Box pattern!! The fact that it is a memory quilt makes it even better.

  3. The quilt is lovely and I am sure it is going to be much loved. Sorry to hear that your machine didn't like the shirt fabric. I started using Microtex Sharp needles lately when using heavy cottons and I love how the stitching look. One of these days I would love to see a photo of your quilt holders holding the quilt, the three handed hold is making me wonder how many members of your team are behind the quilt.

  4. Love it all! It does take a lot longer to use fabric from shirts instead of yardage. I'm sure she will love every piece of this quilt. I know I would.

  5. Super awesome and I am sure she will treasure it always.


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