Monday, May 14, 2018

Custom Wall Hanging

28" x 36"

This was a custom request from my shop and I just wanted to post some info about in case I need it later. I am always forgetting and wishing I had it wrote down somewhere or forgetting where I wrote it down. Must be getting old!

1. Remember to reverse any letters/numbers before you trace on Heat n Bond Lite!!!
2. Shorten stitch length on raw edge applique.
3. For satin stitch I used the settings 3.5 and 0.3 and thread matches top fabric.
4. Corner hangers are cut 4" square and sewn on with a needle position of 4.7.

Nope, I have no idea why they wanted that appliqued other than it is a gift for a wedding. I did a straight stitch on the black letters and a satin stitch on the all the red pieces. The background was quilted first so that I wouldn't have to stitch around the applique. I thought I had seen Vicki do that before, but the stitching lines can be seen (not the thread, but the texture) under the applique. Maybe it looks better if you wash it?


  1. You got a new look to your blog!! Yes I do a lot of my appliques that way. Did you use fusible on the back of the heart? If you use a one sided fusible interfacing instead that should eliminate the lines of the quilting coming through. And a lot of mine I don't use anything on the applique piece. I might starch the applique really stiff before appliquing it.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    I think it looks fabulous with the quilting lines showing through. I'm 100% sure your customer will not notice it nor care at all. Hmm, I do wonder about the back story on it so I guess I'll have to make something up. HAHA! Good job sharing the details for prosperity! ~smile~ Roseanne


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