Friday, December 14, 2018

Almost a Twin

72" x 84"

This quilt is made for wrapping yourself up in! It's almost a twin size and has a turquoise flannel on the back. I had a lady ask me to design a quilt around this large floral print and the striped print. She wanted a big quilt and she did not want me to cut the floral print into small pieces. And she wanted the prints to read solid. So I picked two of each color to add some interest to the 4 patch squares. 

She also requested a pillow case. The two prints worked perfectly for this request. I made it a big larger than the standard sausage roll directions. I always find those to be a bit small.

Getting close to being finished with the quilting list for the year. One gift quilt is done and one to go! I have to have them done by the 25th so I have plenty of time still. Hope you guys are getting your Christmas sewing all wrapped up!


  1. Very cute and creative. The flannel backing will be warm this winter. The customer should love your creation.

  2. That print made for a very cute quilt!


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