Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Twin Rainbow Chain

74 x 98

I got to dig into my scraps again this month to make a twin sized rainbow quilt. If I was still a child, I think this is the quilt I would pick for my bed! Rainbows were a favorite of my childhood. I had a rainbow comforter on my bed, but nothing like this.

Just for fun and to take a picture, I put it on my oldest son's bed. Don't tell him though. I'm pretty sure he isn't a rainbow fan.

I'll be cleaning up the sewing room and cutting some scraps I found in the closet. Then maybe I can pick another project to start. There is only one quilt waiting for quilting on the hallway rail. One should always have more than one project going so I think I'm a bit behind. 

We're still waiting for fall here in Oklahoma. It's too hot to get out the fall quilts. Maybe next week!


  1. I love this scrappy quilt! Makes me think I should save my scraps. Fall has come early here, unfortunately, but then our summers aren't near as hot as yours. I'm hoping for an Indian summer with a warm October.

  2. Hi Shannon! I missed the last post from you and this one as well. I'm glad I saw your photo on IG! I love this scrappy quilt, too - I agree with Myra! Just enough of a distinction on the background that you know it's scrappy, but not enough to cause a distraction. Your quilt holder is doing their usual best! ~smile~ Roseanne


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