Monday, January 27, 2020

More Cleaning Up and Some Sewing

If you are wondering what I've been up to this month, here it is. This is just some of the 500 yards I have sold from my stash. Yes, 500 yards! I spent some time going through all my fabric storage areas and cleaning out everything I didn't really want to keep. Most of my stash is under my longarm, but some of it is the closet in a few spots. I am trying to get it contained to the longarm area. 

.My bins were too full under the longarm before I went through them and now I have room! The closet still has a bit in there, but mostly it is stuff I need to use or want to use to make a quilt with. I was able to sell some online and some on facebook marketplace.  I did end up measuring and pricing each piece after I sold about 100 yards. Well worth the effort!

I have also been slowly working on two quilts, this one I should have done by this weekend. The lighting in my sewing room is terrible. The colors in this quilt are plum, green and bright medium blue. I can't wait to get it outside and get a proper picture! 

 The other quilt is the quiltville mystery quilt and it's going sloooowwwly! But I am pressing on and I will prevail. Then I hope to move on to pattern writing again. I have several good ideas brewing.  Hope you are all keeping your sewing space a fun space whether that's clean and organized or messy and productive!

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