Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Scrappy Doll Quilt

My daughter was playing with her fabric scraps a while back and had laid them out on my design wall. I love that she had lined them up in strips of color.  She loves order just as much as I do. I suggested that we turn it into a doll quilt. The scraps were all different sizes, so much trimming was necessary.  The wonkiness adds to it's charm don't you think?

I has just finished the table runner so was in the mood to continue with my new quilting practice. Josie asked me to quilt some words on her quilt. Okay, sure! Without a plan, I started with her name on the second row. But then has a thought, wouldn't hearts be so cute!  Never having done those, I plunged right in on the top row trying to figure out how to do a continuous heart pattern. Let's just say it needs some work before I try it on a big quilt. I did 3 more rows of this pattern. The other rows are either loops across or words with loops.

The back is also made of scraps that were awaiting their turn to be cut and put in the scrap bin. Josie helped me pick out ones that went together.  It's a perfectly fitting for a little girl to play with her dolls. And when she is older, she will be able to look back and see that her mom loved her enough to not worry about messy quilting. Hearts are hearts, and love is love. Imperfect is perfect.


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