Grade 3

I really love the way A Beka teaches phonics using blends and special sounds.  We have used this for 6 kids so far and really love it.  We use Saxon Math starting at grade 1 and continue all the way to Calculus.

3rd Grade

Math 3 - Saxon

Language 3 - Abeka (workbook only)

Spelling Power - we start spelling in this year.  If I have a struggling reader I will put it off until 4th grade.

Read and Think 3 - Abeka - We use these short timed reading to check comprehension.  These resemble the ones on an SAT test so I think it's good to practice this kind of timed reading.

Doors to Discovery (reading book only)- Christian Light Education

Nature Readers - Christian Liberty Press

Piano - Children's Music Journey  
This program runs on a computer and hooks up to a keyboard.  We are only on level 2, but my kids are enjoying it.  It's a little spendy, however, I will be putting 3 or 4 kids on this.  It's cheaper than sending them for lessons (which seems silly anyway since I play the piano!).  But they don't like lessons from me. I am hoping this will give them the basics and then I will take over the teaching.

Update:  One child has finished all 3 levels and is finding it easy to start Alfred's Basic piano course.

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