I've used this curriculum with 6 kids now and for us it works great!  I prefer the A Beka way of teaching phonics using blends and special sounds.  I even recommend using the K4 DVD independent program from A Beka Academy for your 4 year olds who know their alphabet if you are teaching a large number of kids.  I did this last year with my 4 year old and she was reading 3-4 letter words before the end of the year and counting to 100.  We only watched the Phonics, Numbers, and Reading portion of the DVD but there is also a bible lesson, language development, skills development, and activities.


Letters and Sounds K - Abeka

Reading K - Abeka

Writing K - Manuscript - Abeka

Math K5 - Bob Jones - I use this because it give the child a good foundation and it's very colorful! I usually can do this book in a half a year and then start Saxon Math 1.

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