Reading List by Grade

This is a list of the books we love.  It can be hard to find good Christian books for kids.  I have searched a long time to find a list of books that were clean and uplifting, ones that build character and support our values.  I still haven't found one.  But slowly we have added to our library and here is a list of our books.  I always encourage my kids to read, even below grade level (especially when dealing with a struggling reader).  I want it to be fun and enjoyable.  Some of these books are on the Gutenberg website (ebooks). The grade levels are only estimates based on my kids reading levels.

I have linked some of the books (will be adding more).  They are either free books from the gutenburg website, Lamplighter Publishing books (our favorites), or books we bought from Amazon. I hope you can find something your kids will like to read from our list!

Title Author Gr
The Tale of …Series Bailey, Arthur Scott 2
Stories About the Instinct of Animals Bingley 2
The Burgess Animal Book Burgess, Thorton 2
Happy Hearts Christian Light Education 2
Helping Hands Christian Light Education 2
Friendly Birds Dolch, Edward 2
True Stories About Dogs and Cats Foller, Elizabeth 2
Make Way for Ducklings McCloskey, Robert 2
The Insect Folk Morley, Margaret 2
Days Go By Pathway Publishing 2
Colorado Cowboys Series Sargent, Dave and Pat 2
Young Texas Cowboys Series Sargent, Dave and Pat 2
The History of Insects Unknown 2
Who Was Anne Frank? Abramson, Ann 3
Meet Thomas Jefferson Barrett, Marvin 3
Pony Pals Series Betancourt, Jeanne 3
The Secret Garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson 3
Tornado Byars, Betsy 3
Meet Abraham Lincoln Cary, Barbara 3
Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1 Christian Liberty Press 2
Zero's Slider Christopher, Matt 3
The Bountiful Lady Cobb, Thomas 3
To the Point - A Story about E.B. White Collins, David 3
The Seasons Crawford, Sue 3
Louis Braille - The boy who invented books for blind Davidson, Margaret 3
Meet Christopher Columbus De Kay, James 3
A Revolutionary Idea Deegan, Paul 3
The Fights Over Rights Deegan, Paul 3
Sampson Yankee Stallion Denzel, Justin 3
The Titanic Lost …and Found Donnelly, Judy 3
Meet The Men Who Sailed the Seas Dyment, John 3
Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? Fritz, Jean 3
Thunder at Gettysburg Gauch, Patricia 3
Theodore Roosevelt's Boys Graff, Stewart 3
George Washington's Birthdays Hays, Wilma 3
Noko, Captive of Columbus Hays, Wilma 3
Meet George Washington Heilbroner, Joan 3
Treasury for Children Herriot, James 3
Little Brothers of the Wilderness - Johnny Appleseed Le Suer, Meridel 3
Heros of the Revolution Series Lee, John and Susan 3
The Cul-de-sac Kids Series Lewis, Beverly 3
Natalie Series Mackall, Dandi 3
The Imagination Station Series McCusker, Paul 3
Tippy Lemmey McKissack, Patricia 3
The Story of Ben Franklin Merriam, Eve 3
Shoes for Everyone Mitchell, Barbara 3
Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L.M. 3
Davy Crockett Moseley, Elizabeth 3
3 Cousin's Detective Club Series Murphy, Elspeth 3
Animal Friends Series Oke, Janette 3
Junie B Jones Series Park, Barbara 3
Meet the Pilgrim Fathers Payne, Elizabeth 3
Pollyanna Porter, Eleanor 3
Jigsaw Jones Series Preller, James 3
Backpack Mystery Series Reid, Mary Carpenter 3
A Question of Yams Repp, Gloria 3
Christopher Columbus - In Their Own Words Roop, Peter and Connie 3
Go Fly a Kite, Ben Franklin! Roop, Peter and Connie 3
Mr. Yowder and the Train Robbers Rounds, Glen 3
A to Z Mysteries Roy, Ron 3
George Washington, Young Leader Santrey, Laurence 3
Meghan Rose Series Scott, Lori 3
Black Beauty Sewell, Anna 3

Encyclopedia Brown Series Sobol, Donald 3
Heidi Spyri, Johanna 3
Detective Zack Series Thomas, Jerry 3
Meet Robert E. Lee Trow, George 3
Meet John F. Kennedy White, Nancy 3
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Wiggin, Kate Douglas 3
Great Moments in History Series 3
Addy's Story Collection American Girl 4
Elizabeth's Story Collection American Girl 4
Felicity's Story Collection American Girl 4
Josefina's Story Collection American Girl 4
Kaya's Story Collection American Girl 4
Kirsten's Story Collection American Girl 4
Kit's Story Collection American Girl 4
Molly's Story Collection American Girl 4
Rebecca's Story Collection American Girl 4
Samantha's Story Collection American Girl 4
Westward on the Oregon Trail American Heritage 4
Dolphin Diaries Special Edition Books 1-3 Baglio, Ben M. 4
Rod's Dog Bailey, Jean 4
Home School Detectives Series Bibee, John 4
Twenty and Ten Bishop, Claire  4
Dave Dawson Series Bowen, R. Sydney 4
Red Randall Series Bowen, R. Sydney 4
Sawtooth Ranch Bower, B. M. 4

A Lion to Guard Us
Bulla, Clyde 4
Frank on the Mississippi Castlemon, Harry 4
Abe Lincoln Get His Chance Cavahan, Frances 4
Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 2 Christian Liberty Press 3
Bridges Beyond Christian Light Education 4
Frindle Clements, Andrew 4
Lunch Money Clements, Andrew 4
No Talking Clements, Andrew 4
Don't Know Much About the 50 States Davis, Kenneth 4
The Matchlock Gun Edmonds, Walter 4
Go Free or Die - A Story about Harriet Tubman Ferris, Jeri 4
Walking the Road to Freedom Ferris, Jeri 4
Men Who Won the West Folsom, Franklin 4
Stone Fox Gardiner, John 4
The Strange Thing That Happened to Allen Brewster Gardiner, John 4
Mystery of the Whispering Voice Heide, Florence 4
White Stallion Henry, Marguerite 4
The Year of Miss Agnes Hill, Kirkpatrick 4
The Bobbsey Twins Series Hope, Laura Lee 4
Poetry on Wheels Hopkins, Lee Bennett 4
Hero Tales Volume I-IV Jackson, Dave and Neta 4
Imprisoned in the Golden City Jackson, Dave and Neta 4
Heroes of America, Benjamin Franklin Kelly, Jack 4
Teddy's Button Le Feuvre, Amy 4
Heros of America, George Washington Leighton, Marian 4
Books By MacBride, Roger Lea 4
Books By MacLachlan, Patricia 4
Baney's Lake Mars, W. T. 4
Callie Ann Series Mason, Shannon 4
A Peabody Adventure - Derwood Inc. Massi, Jeri 4
Holding the Fort with Daniel Boone Meadowcroft, Enid 4
John Smith Mello, Tara 4
Winnie The Pooh Milne, A. A 4
Daniel Boone   Nemerson, Roy 4
Martha of California Otis, James 4
Tucket's Travels Books 1-5 Paulsen, Gary 4
Forts in America Peterson, Harold 4
American Cattle Trails Place, Marian 4
The Story of the Civil War Reeder, Red 4
Books By Richardson, Arleta 4
Canals Rickard, Graham 4
Elizabeth Blackwell, First Woman Doctor Sabin, Francene 4
The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk Sobol, Donald 4
Two Minute Mysteries Sobol, Donald 4
Freedom at Any Price Stephens, Amanda 4
De Soto Finder of the Mississippi Syme, Ronald 4
Boy on the Mayflower Vinton, Iris 4
Box Car Children Series Warner, Gertrude 4
Last of the Great Scouts - Buffalo Bill Wetmore, Helen Cody 4
Books By Wilder,Laura Ingalls 4
Mitzi and the Terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex Williams, Barbara 4
The Rover Boys Series Winfield, Arthur 4
Everything Bug Winner, Cherie 4
Swiss Family Robinson Wyss, Johann 4
Baney's Lake Agle, Nan Hayden 5
Henry Ford Aird, Hazel 5
Little Men Alcott, Louisa May 5
Little Women Alcott, Louisa May 5
Books By Alger, Horatio Jr. 5
American Adv. Series - Alec Majors Anderson, A. M. 5
Tom Swift Series Appleton, Victor 5
The Adventures of Lewis and Clark Bakeless, John 5
Dwight D. Eisenhower Beckard, Arthur 5
Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime Benge, Janet 5
1 Lewis & Clark Squad Series Bly, Stephen 5
I, Juan de Pareja Borton, Elizabeth 5
Martin Luther King, Jr. Boyd, Herb 5
Caddie Woodlawn Brink, Carol Ryrie 5
Daily Life in Timbuktu Brook, Larry 5
Rachel Yoder Series Brunstetter, Wanda 4
The Saddle Club Series Bryant, Bonnie 5
The Apple and the Arrow Buff, Mary and Conrad 5
Skinny Burch, Robert 5
Babe Ruth Canter, Len 5
Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 3 Christian Liberty Press 4
The Story of Buffalo Bill Collier, Edmund 5
Undying Glory - Massachusetts 54th Regiment Cox, Clinton 5
The Door in the Wall De Angeli, Marguerite 5
A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt De Young, C. Coco 5
Along Came a Dog Dejong, Meindert 5
Eleanor Roosevelt Donnelly, Shannon 5
The Story of Stephen Foster Douty, Esther 5
Jacob's Rescue Drucker, Malka 5
Twenty and Ten Du Bois, William 5
The Broken Blade Durbin, William 5
Calico Bush Field, Rachel 5
Shadow Spinner Fletcher, Susan 5
Cowboys and Cattle Trails Garst, Shannon  5
Water Sky George, Jean 5
Nory Ryan's Song Giff, Patricia 5
Travelers Through Time #2 - Back to Paul Revere Gormley, Beatrice 5
Heritage of the Dessert Gray, Zane 5
Willy's Trunk Greene, Hon Mrs. 5
Scripture Sleuth Series Halverson, Mat 4
Albert Einstein Hammontree, Marie 5
Jackie Robinson Hanft, Joshua 5
Wilma Rudolph Harper, Jo 5
Christopher Columbus Admiral of the Ocean Sea Haskins, Jim 5
Books By Henry, Marguerite 5
Stowaway Hesse, Karen 5
Nutty and the Case of the Mastermind Thief Hughes, Dean 5
Hurricanes and Twisters Irving, Robert 5
Germy Blew the Bugle Jones, Rebecca 5
The Great Turkey Walk Karr, Kathleen 5
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Kerr, Judith 5
Two Dogs and A Horse Kjelgaard, Jim 5
We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run Kjelgaard, Jim 5
The Story of the Secret Service Kuhn, Ferdinand 5
Almost Home Lawton, Wendy 5
Courage to Run Lawton, Wendy 5
Freedom's Pen Lawton, Wendy 5
Ransom's Mark Lawton, Wendy 5
Shadow of His Hand Lawton, Wendy 5
The Captive Princess Lawton, Wendy 5
The Hallelujah Lass Lawton, Wendy 5
The Tinker's Daughter Lawton, Wendy 5
The Lily Adventures Series Leppard, Lois 5
After the War Matas, Carol 5
A Boy at War Mazer, Harry 5
Flatboat Days on Frontier Rivers McCague, James 5
The Story of Benjamin Franklin Meadowcroft, Enid 5
The Story of Crazy Horse Meadowcroft, Enid 5
The Story of Davy crockett Meadowcroft, Enid 5
Moby Dick Melville, Herman 5
The Hudson's Bay Company Morenus, Ricard 5
Gentle Ben Morey, Walt 5
The Black Pearl O'Dell Scott 5
The Catch Colt O'Hara, Mary 5
Ulysses S. Grant O'Shei, Tim 5
The Battle of Trenton Parker, Lewis 5
Kenry Reed, INC Robertson, Keith 5
Mary Jones and Her Bible Ropes, Mary 5
The Vanished Note Ropes, Mary 5
Abe Lincoln Grows Up Sandburg, Carl 5
Fire in the Sky Schmid, Christoph von 5
A Basket of Flowers Schmid, Christoph von 5
The Inheritance Schmid, Christoph von 5
Waterman's Boy Sharpe, Susan 5
Star of Light St. John, Patricia 5
The Tanglewoods' Secret St. John, Patricia 5
Treasures of the Snow St. John, Patricia 5
Ben Franklin Stevenson, Augusta 5
Clara Barton Stevenson, Augusta 5
Dave Porter Series Stratemeyer, Edward 5
Jessica's First Prayer & Jessica's Mother Stretton, Hesba 5
Naya Nuki Thomasma, Kenneth 5
Bound for Oregon Van Leeuwen, Jean 5
Mystery of the Inca Cave Waltch, Lilla 5
We Were There at the Boston Tea Party Webb, Robert 5
The Happy Hollisters Series West, Jerry 5
Angle on the Square Whelan, Gloria 5
Listening for Lions Whelan, Gloria 5
Joan of Arc Williams, Jay 5
Caleb's Choice Wisler, G. Clifton 5
The Drummer Boy of Vicksburg Wisler, G. Clifton 5
Amos Fortune, Free Man Yates, Elizabeth 5
More Story Times with Grandma Yoder, Mary Elizabeth 5
Story Times with Grandma Yoder, Mary Elizabeth 5
Dear America Series 5
Life of Faith Series 5
You Are the President Aaseng, Nathan 6
Rollo Series Abbott, Jacob 6
Her Mother's Bible and Hedge Fence Alden, Isabella 6
The Anti Slavery Alphabet Anonymous 6
The Story of Abraham Lincoln Baker, Nina 6
Turn Homewarde, Hannalee Beatty, Patricia 6
The Kingdom Series Black, Chuck 6
The Knights of Arrethtrae Series Black, Chuck 6
The Shakespeare Stealer Blackwood, Gary 6
The Deserter Burchard, Peter 6
J. Pierpont Morgan Burgan, Michael 6
Children of the Covered Wagon Carr, Mary Jane 6
The Truth About the Man..War Between the States Cavanah, Frances 6
The Best of Father Brown Chesterton, G. K. 6
Christian Liberity Nature Reader Book 4 Christian Liberity Press 5
Jump Ship to Freedom Collier, James 6
War Comes to Willy Freeman Collier, James 6
The Story of Thomas Alva Edison Cousins, Margaret 6
Boys' Life Adventure Stories Crump, Irving 6
The Lamplighter Cummins, Maria 6
The World at Her Fingertips - Helen Keller Dash, Joan 6
Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel 6
The House of Sixty Fathers Dejong, Meindert 6
Twelfth Man in the Huddle Diles, Dave 6
Trapped in Hitler's Hell Dittman, Anita 6
Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Donovan, Sandy 6
Abraham Lincoln's World Foster, Genevieve 6
Augustus Caesar's World Foster, Genevieve 6
The World of Christopher Columbus Foster, Genevieve 6
George Washington's World Foster, Joanna 6
Traitor - The Case of Benedict Arnold Fritz, Jean 6
A Summer Secret Fuller, Kathleen 6
The Secrets Beneath Fuller, Kathleen 6
The Wind in the Willows Grahame, Kenneth 6
Adam of the Road Gray, Elizabeth 6
The Samurai's Tale Haugaard, Erik 6
Books By Henty, G. A. 6
In Search of Honor Hess, Donna Lynn 6
A Murder for Her Majesty Hilgartner, Beth 6
American Scientists - Pioneer Teachers Hylander, Clarence 6
Pictures, 1918 Ingold, Jeanette 6
The Battle of Yorktown Ingram, Scott 6
Smoky The Cow Horse James, Will 6
Irish Red Kjelgaard, Jim 6
The Story of Geronimo Kjelgaard, Jim 6
The Second Mrs. Gioconda Konigsburg, E.L. 6
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Latham, Jean Lee 6
Volcanoes and Earthquakes Lauber, Patricia 6
The Story of Florence Nightingale Leighton, Margaret 6
The Story of General Custer Leighton, Margaret 6
Indian Captive Lenski, Lois 6
Number the Stars Lowry, Lois 6
Heat Lupica, Mike 6
Who Was William Shakespeare? Mannis. Celeste 6
Andrea Carter Series Marlow, Susan 6
Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters Marshall, Logan 6
Search for the Northwest Passage McDonald, Lucile 6
Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest McKenny, Margaret 6
Swift Rivers Megis, Cornella 6
The Wonders of Pompeii Monnier, Marc 6
The San Francisco Calamity by Earthquake and Fire Morris, Charles 6
The Last Portage O'Meara, Walter 6
The King's Fifth O'Dell Scott 6
A Single Shard Park, Linda 6
The Oregon Trail Parkman, Francis 6
The Underground Railroad Perrin, Pat 6
Flame over Tara Polland, Madeleine 6
The Westing Game Raskin,k Ellen 6
Beyond the Desert Gate Ray, Mary 6
The Ides of April Ray, Mary 6
The Northern Generals Reeder, Red 6
The Boy Who Saved Baseball Ritter, John 6
Christopher Columbus Riviere, Peter 6
The French Revolution Ross, Stewart 6
Escape from Warsaw Serraillier, Ian 6
A Stranger in the Dark Smith, Alison 6
Miracles on Maple Hill Sorensen, Virginia 6
Calico Captive Speare, Elizabeth 6
The Bronze Bow Speare, Elizabeth 6
The Sign of the Beaver Speare, Elizabeth 6
The Witch of Blackbird Pond Speare, Elizabeth 6
Call It Courage Sperry, Armstrong 6
The Runaway St. John, Patricia 6
The Secret at Pheasant Cottage St. John, Patricia 6
Twice Freed St. John, Patricia 6
Letters of a Woman Homesteader Stewart, Elinore 6
The Underground Railroad Still, William 6
Anne Hutchinson Stille, Darlene 6
American's Boy's Life of Theodore Roosevelt Stratemeyer, Edward 6
For the Liberty of Texas Stratemeyer, Edward 6
True to Himself Stratemeyer, Edward 6
A Biography of Abraham Lincoln Thayer, William 6
A Biography of Benjamin Franklin Thayer, William 6
Riders of the Silver Rim Thoene, Brock and Bodie 6
Timna Travis, Lucille 6
Tirzah Travis, Lucille 6
The Windjammer Story Villiers, Alan 6
The Story of John Paul Jones Vinton, Iris 6
Boys of Grit who Never Gave Up Wallace, Archer 6
A Parcel of Patterns Walsh, Jill Paton 6
The Old Bell of Independence Watson, Henry 6
Jack of the Pony Express Webster, Frank 6
Stuart Little White, E.B. 6
We Girls A Home Story Whitner, ADT 6
New Chronicles of Rebecca Wiggin, Kate Douglas 6
The Bird's Christmas Carol Wiggin, Kate Douglas 6
The Romance of a Christmas Card Wiggin, Kate Douglas 6
God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah Williamson, Joanne 6
Hittite Warrior Williamson, Joanne 6
Mystery of the Roman Ranson Winterfield, Henry 6
The Ravenmaster's Secret Woodruff, Elvira 6
The Life of David Livingstone Worchester, J.H. 6
One Minute Mysteries - Science Yoder, Eric 6
American Adventure Series 6
Royal Diaries Series 6
The Battle A.L.O.E. 7
The Giant Killer A.L.O.E. 7
Alenander the Great Abbott, Jacob 7
Cleopatra Abbott, Jacob 7
History of Julius Caesar Abbott, Jacob 7
History of King Charles the Second of England Abbott, Jacob 7
King Alfred of England Abbott, Jacob 7
Mary Queen of Scots  Abbott, Jacob 7
Peter the Great Abbott, Jacob 7
William the Conqueror Abbott, Jacob 7
Crown and Covanent Series Bond, Douglas 7
Jack the Conqueror Bowen, Mrs. C.E. 7
The Flying U Strikes Bower, B. M. 7
God's Smuggler Brother Andrew 7
House of Love Cheney, Elizabeth 7
The White Knights Cule, W.E. 7
What is Her Name Edersheim, Rev. Dr. 7
Falsely Accused in the High Sierras Fisher, Frederick Vining 7
Johnny Tremain Forbes, Esther 7
The Peleg Chronicles Series Harding, Matthew Christian 7
The Endless Steppe Hautzig, Esther 7
Walty and the Great Geyer Hoffman, Franz 7
I am David Holm, Anne 7
No Priomises in the Wind Hunt, Irene 7
Rifles for Watie Keith, Harold 7
The Lastin Think I Remember Klavan, Andrew 7
The Long Way Home Klavan, Andrew 7
The Truth of the Matter Klavan, Andrew 7
Left Behind Kids Sereis LaHaye, Tim 6
TomWatkins' Mistake Leslie, Emma 7
Foundatins for Creation Volume 1 Lindsay, Dennis 7
The Dinosaur Deliemma: Fact or Fantasy Lindsay, Dennis 7
Black Horses for the King McCaffrey, Anne 7
Moccasin Trail McGraw, Eloise 7
The Golden Goblet McGraw, Eloise 7
Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L.M. 7
Rilla of Ingleside Montgomery, L.M. 7
Little Britches Moody, Ralph 7
The Hawk that dare not Hunt by Day O'Dell Scott 7
Where the Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson 7
Black Beauty Sewell, Anna 7
Golden Filly Collection 1 Snelling, Lauraine 7
Golden Filly Collection 2 Snelling, Lauraine 7
Cobwebs and Cables Stretton, Hesba 7
Constitution Translated for Kids Travis, Cathy 7
Boys of Grit who Became Men of Honour Wallce, Archer 7
Strawberry Point Wiggins, Florence 7
That Printer of Udell's Wright, Harold Bell 7
The Wright Brothers Freedman, Russell 8
The Forgotten 500 Freeman, Gregory 8
Boys of Grit who Changed the World Wallce, Archer 8
A Lantern in Her Hand Aldrich, Bess 9
Books By Ballantyne, R. M. 9
Wuthering Heights Bronte. Emily 9
The Thirty-Nine Steps Buchan, John 9
A Little Princess Burnett, Frances Hodgson 9
The Secret Garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson 9
The Hedge of Thorns Carol, John 9
The Red Badge of Courage Crane, Stephen 9
Sir Night of the Spendid Way Cule, W.E. 9
Gray Fox David, Burke 9
A Tale of Two Cities Dickens, Charles 9
Oliver Twist Dickens, Charles 9
God Guy DiMarco, Michael 9
Do Hard Things Harris, Alex & Brett 9
For Whom The Bell Tolls Hemingway, Ernest 9
The Old Man and the Sea Hemingway, Ernest 9
Capitalism For Kids Hess, Karl 9
Across Five Aprils Hunt, Irene 9
Joel …a boy of Galilee Johnston, Annie Fellows 9
Babylon Rising Series LaHaye, Tim 9
Left Behind Series LaHaye, Tim 9
The Golden Thread Macleod, Norman 9
Ancient Rome How it Affects You Today Maybury, Richard 9
Are You a Liberal, Conservative, or Confused? Maybury, Richard 9
Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson… Maybury, Richard 9
The Clipper Ship Strategy: For Success in Your… Maybury, Richard 9
The Money Mystery: The Hidden Force Affecting… Maybury, Richard 9
The Thousand Year War in the Middle East… Maybury, Richard 9
Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Fin… Maybury, Richard 9
Whatever Happened to Justice? Maybury, Richard 9
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? Maybury, Richard 9
WWI:  The Rest of the Story and How it Affects… Maybury, Richard 9
WWII:  The Rest of the Story and How it … Maybury, Richard 9
TSI: The Gabon Virus McCusker, Paul 9
TSI: The Influenza Bomb McCusker, Paul 9
The Yearling Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan 9
The Nine Taylors Sayers, Dorothy L. 9
Christie's Old Organ Walton, O.F. 9
The Lost Clue Walton, O.F. 9
Up From Slavery Washington, Booker T. 9
Complete Chron of Amer Vol 3 Elizabethan Sea Dogs Wood, Henry 9

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