Homeschool Book List

This is a list of the books we love.  It can be hard to find good Christian books for kids.  This list contains books that are spiritually clean and uplifting, ones that build character and support our values. I always encourage my kids to read, even below grade level (especially when dealing with a struggling reader).  I want it to be fun and enjoyable.  The grade levels are only estimates based on my kids reading levels. I may have made it higher than it should be so look a grade higher than your reader also.

I have sorted the books by these categories:  Free Kindle books, Living History, Science, Reading, High School Bible, Government, and Economics.  All categories are sorted by grade level.  If a book is not linked, then check for it on Amazon.   I hope you can find something your kids will like to read from our list!

Kindle Books - Free
Title Author Gr
The Tale of…Series Bailey, Arthur Scott 2
Books by Le Feuvre, Amy 4
Dave Dawson Series Bowen, R. Sidney 4
Sawtooth Ranch Bower, B. M. 4
The Rover Boys Series Winfield, Arthur 4
Trailblazer Series  (not free) Jackson, Dave and Neta 4
Books by  (boys series) Alger, Horatio Jr. 5
Dave Darrin Series Hancock, H. Irving 5
Books by Stretton, Hesba 5
Little Men Alcott, Louisa May 5
Little Women Alcott, Louisa May 5
Submarine Boys Series Durham, Victor 5
The Basket of Flowers (not free anymore - $0.99) Schmid, Christoph von 5
The Young Engineers Series Hancock, H. Irving 5
Tom Slade Series Fitzhugh, Percy 5
Tom Swift Series Appleton, Victor 5
Books by Henty, G. A. 6
Gunsight Pass Raine, William MacLeod 6
Pollyanna Grows Up Porter, Eleanor 6
The Lamplighter Cummins, Maria 6
The Outdoor Girls at Rainbow Lake Hope, Laura Lee 6
Anne of Avonlea Montgomery, L.M. 7
Anne of the Island Montgomery, L.M. 7
Anne's House of Dreams Montgomery, L.M. 7
New Chronicles of Rebecca Wiggin, Kate Douglas 7
The Bird's Christmas Carol Wiggin, Kate Douglas 7
The Jornals of Lewis and Clark Lewis, Meriwether 7
The Old Peabody Pew Wiggin, Kate Douglas 7
The Romance of a Christmas Card Wiggin, Kate Douglas 7
A Tale of Two Cities Dickens, Charles 9
Oliver Twist Dickens, Charles 9
The Autobiography of Ben Franklin Franklin, Ben 9
Living History Books
Title Author Gr
A Revolutionary Idea Deegan, Paul 3
Christopher Columbus - In Their Own Words Roop, Peter and Connie 3
Davy Crockett Moseley, Elizabeth 3
George Washington, Yound Leader Santrey, Laurence 3
George Washington's Birthdays Hays, Wilma 3
Go Fly a Kite, Ben Franklin! Roop, Peter and Connie 3
Great Moments in History Series Great Moments in History 3
Heros of the Revolution, Abigail Adams Lee, John and Susan 3
Heros of the Revolution, Eliza Pinckney Lee, John and Susan 3
Heros of the Revolution, John Hancock Lee, John and Susan 3
Little Brothers of the Wilderness - Johnny Appleseed Le Suer, Meridel 3
Louis Braille  Davidson, Margaret 3
Meet Abraham Lincoln Cary, Barbara 3
Meet Christopher Columbus De Kay, James 3
Meet John F. Kennedy White, Nancy 3
Meet Robert E. Lee Trow, George 3
Meet The Men Who Sailed the Seas Dyment, John 3
Meet the Pilgrim Fathers Payne, Elizabeth 3
Meet Thomas Jefferson Barrett, Marvin 3
Noko, Captive of Columbus Hays, Wilma 3
Tales of the RAF Series Patterson, Don 3
The Fights Over Rights Deegan, Paul 3
The Last of the Mohicans Cooper, James Fenimore 3
The Story of Ben Franklin Merriam, Eve 3
The Titanic Lost …and Found Donnelly, Judy 3
The Treeless Plains Rounds, Glen 3
Theodore Roosevelt's Boys Graff, Stweart 3
Thunder at Gettysburg Gauch, Patricia 3
Titanic Eyewitness 3
To the Point - A Story about E.B. White Collins, David 3
Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? Fritz, Jean 3
A Lion to Guard Us Bulla, Clyde 4
A Pioneer Sampler Greenwood, Barbara 4
Abe Lincoln Get His Chance Cavahan, Frances 4
African Adventures Anderson, Dick 4
American Cattle Trails Place, Marian 4
Annie Oakley Childhood of Famous Americans Wilson, Ellen 4
Boy on the Mayflower Vinton, Iris 4
Castle Diary Platt, Richard 4
City of Orphans Avi 4
Daniel Boone   Nemerson, Roy 4
De Soto Finder of the Mississippi Syme, Ronald 4
Don't Know Much About the 50 States Davis, Kenneth 4
Elizabeth Blackwell, First Woman Doctor Sabin, Francene 4
Forts in America Peterson, Harold 4
Frank on the Mississippi Castlemon, Harry 4
Freedom at Any Price Stephens, Amanda 4
Full Steam Ahead Race to Build a Transcontinental RR Blumberg, Rhonda 4
Ghose Towns of the West Burt, Olive 4
Go Free or Die - A Story about Harriet Tubman Ferris, Jeri 4
Harry Houdini, Master of Magic Kraske, Robert 4
Heros of America, Benjamin Franklin Kelly, Jack 4
Heros of America, George Washington Leighton, Marian 4
Himalayan Adventures Reeve, Penny 4
History Detectives, Ancient Egypt Ardagh, Phillip 4
History Detectives, Ancient Greece Ardagh, Phillip 4
Holding the Fort with Daniel Boone Meadowcroft, Enid 4
Imprisoned in the Golden City Jackson, Dave and Neta 4
John Smith Schlesinger, Arthur 4
Jonathan Edwards Lutz, Norma Jean 4
Last of the Great Scouts - Buffalo Bill Wetmore, Helen Cody 4
Mark Twain - Childhood of Famous Americans Mason, Miriam 4
Martha of California Otis, James 4
Medieval Castle Macdonald, Fiona 4
Meet George Washington Heilbroner, Joan 4
Men Who Won the West Folosm, Franklin 4
Pryramids Millard, Anne 4
Pyramid Macaulay, David 4
Pyramids DK Eye Wonder 4
Sam Ellis's Island Siegel, Beatrice 4
Scholastic Atlas of Exploration Starkey, Dinah 4
Statue of Liberty Fisher, Leonard 4
Steamboats on the Mississippi Andrist, Ralph 4
Technology in the Time of Ancient Egypt Crosher, Judith 4
The Battle of Gettysburg Johnson, Neil 4
The California Gold Rush Andrist, Ralph 4
The Matchlock Gun Edmonds, Walter 4
The Prophet's Kid Ware, Jim 4
The Sword in the Tree Bulla, Clyde 4
The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk Sobol, Donald 4
They Flew to Glory Bowen, R. Sidney 4
To The Pacific with Lewis and Clark Andrist, Ralph 4
Trouble Times Ten Lambert, Dave 4
Twenty and Ten Bishop, Claire  4
Underground Macaulay, David 4
Viking World Kingfisher 4
Walking the Road to Freedom Ferris, Jeri 4
We Were There at the Boston Tea Party Webb, Robert 4
We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run Kjelgaard, Jim 4
Westward on the Oregon Trail American Heritage 4
What Was the Gold Rush? Holub, Joan 4
Who Was Harry Houdini? Sutherland, Tui 4
Who Was William Shakespeare? Mannis, Celeste 4
World at War Battle of the Atlantic Skipper, G. C. 4
A Boy at War Mazer, Harry 5
A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt De Young, C. Coco 5
A Thunderour Whisper Gonzalez, Christina 5
Abe Lincoln Grows Up Sandburg, Carl 5
After the War Matas, Carol 5
Air Raid - Pearl Harbor Taylor, Theodore 5
Albert Einstein Hammontree, Marie 5
Amelia Earhart Flying Solo Burke, John 5
American Adv. Series  Anderson, A. M. 5
American Adventure Series American Adventure 5
Amos Fortune, Free Man Yates, Elizabeth 5
Angle on the Square Whelan, Gloria 5
Babe Ruth Canter, Len 5
Battle in the Arctic Seas Taylor, Theodore 5
Behind Enemy Lines A Young Pilot's Story Demallie. H. R. 5
Ben Franklin Stevenson, Augusta 5
Billy Sunday (Sowers) Allen, Robert 5
Bound for Oregon Van Leeuwen, Jean 5
Buffalo Bill - Childhood of Famous Americans Stevenson, Augusta 5
By Secret Railway Meadowcroft, Enid 5
Calico Bush Field, Rachel 5
Cameron Townsend Benge, Janet 5
Charles Spurgeon Heros of the Faith Carlile,, J. C.  5
Christopher Columbus Admiral of the Ocean Sea Haskins, Jim 5
Clara Barton Stevenson, Augusta 5
Cowboys and Cattle Trails Garst, Shannon  5
Custer Fighter of the Plains Garst, Shannon  5
Dawn over Saratoga Cook, Fred 5
Dear America Series Dear America 5
Dwight D. Eisenhower Beckard, Arthur 5
Eleanor Roosevelt Donnelly, Shannon 5
Fanny Crosby the Hymn Writer Ruffin, Bernard 5
Flatboat Days on Frontier Rivers McCague, James 5
Francis Scott Key (Sowers) Collins, David 5
George Washington Carver (Sowers) Collins, David 5
Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime Benge, Janet 5
Henry Ford Aird, Hazel 5
Historical Atlas of the Exploration Konstam, Angus 5
Hudson Taylor Heros fo the Faith Christie, Vance 5
Invasion The Story of D-Day Bliven, Bruce Jr 5
Jackie Robinson Hanft, Joshua 5
Jacob's Rescue Drucker, Malka 5
Joan of Arc Williams, Jay 5
Joel of the Hanging Gardens Edmonds, I. G. 5
Johannes Kepler Tiner, John 5
John Adams Benge, Janet 5
Johnny Appleseed Collins, David 5
Lou Gehrig Van Riper, Guernsey 5
Martha Washington  Wagoner, Jean 5
Martin Luther King, Jr. Boyd, Herb 5
Martin Luther The Great Reformer Heros of the Faith Booth, Edwin 5
Pearl Harbor Attack Hoyt, Edwin 5
Royal Diaries Series Royal Diaries 5
Ruth: a Novel Henderson, Lois 5
Sacajawea Bruchac, Joseph 5
Samuel F. B. Morse Tiner, John 5
Samuel Morris Heros of the Faith Whalin, Terry 5
So Proudly She Sailed Cabral, Olga 5
Sojourner Truth Ain't I a Woman? McKissack, Patricia 5
The  Barbary Pirates Forester, C. S. 5
The Adventures of Lewis and Clark Bakeless, John 5
The Battle of Trenton Parker, Lewis 5
The Battle of Waterloo Pietrusza, David 5
The Capture of Detroit Berton, Pierre 5
The Drummer Boy of Vicksburg Wisler, G. Clifton 5
The Good Fight How WWII Was Won Ambrose, Stephen 5
The House on Stink Alley Monjo, F. N. 5
The Hudson's Bay Company Morenus, Ricard 5
The King's Reward Williamson, Denise 5
The Lone Ranger and the Gold Robbery Striker, Fran 5
The Perilous Road Steel, William 5
The Promised Land Antin, Mary 5
The Red Keep French, Allen 5
The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone Giblin, James 5
The Sinking of the Bismark The Deadly Hunt Shirer, William 5
The Star and the Sword Melnikoff, Pamela 5
The Story of  Robert E. Lee (Signature) Vinton, Iris 5
The Story of Abraham Lincoln (Signature) Baker, Nina 5
The Story of Amelia Earhart (Signature) De Leeuw, Adele 5
The Story of Beethoven (Signature) Kaufmann, Helen 5
The Story of Benjamin Franklin (Signature) Meadowcroft, Enid 5
The Story of Buffalo Bill (Signature) Collier, Edmund 5
The Story of Crazy Horse (Signature) Meadowcroft, Enid 5
The Story of Davy crockett (Signature) Meadowcroft, Enid 5
The Story of Florence Nightingale (Signature) Leighton, Margaret 5
The Story of General Custer (Signature) Leighton, Margaret 5
The Story of Geronimo (Signature) Kjelgaard, Jim 5
The Story of Good Queen Bess (Signature) Malkus, Alida 5
The Story of Helen Keller (Signature) Hickok, Lorena 5
The Story of John J. Audubon (Signature) Howard, Joan 5
The Story of John Paul Jones (Signature) Vinton, Iris 5
The Story of Lafayette (Signature)  Wilson, Hazel 5
The Story of Louis Pasture (Signature) Malkus, Alida 5
The Story of Madame Curie (Signature) Thorne, Alice 5
The Story of Pocahontas (Signature) Graham, Shirley 5
The Story of Robert Louis Stevenson (Signature) Howard, Joan 5
The Story of Stephen Decatur (Signature) Vinton, Iris 5
The Story of Stephen Foster (Signature) Douty, Esther 5
The Story of the Secret Service Kuhn, Ferdinand 5
The Story of Theodore Roosevelt (Signature) Neilson, Edward 5
The Story of Thomas Alva Edison (Signature) Cousins, Margaret 5
The Story of Ulysses S. Grant - (Signature) Nolan, Jeannette 5
The Stout Hearted Seven Orphaned on the Oregon Trail Frazier, Neta Lohnes 5
The Sword and the Sundial Henderson, Lois 5
The World Turned Upside Down ( Yorktown ) Ferrie, Richard 5
Toliver's Secret Brady, Esther 5
Touch of the Golden Scepter Henderson, Lois 5
Travelers Through Time #2 - Back to Paul Revere Gormley, Beatrice 5
Twenty and Ten Du Bois, William 5
Twice Freed St. John, Patricia 5
Ulysses S. Grant O'Shei, Tim 5
Undaunted Courage Ambrose, Stephen 5
Undying Glory - Massachusetts 54th Regiment Cox, Clinton 5
Washington City is Burning Robinet, Harriette 5
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Kerr, Judith 5
Wilber and Orville Wright Young Fliers Stevenson, Augusta 5
Wild West Adventures Vann, Donna 5
William Penn Benge, Janet 5
Wima Rudolph Harper, Jo 5
Woods Runner Paulsen, Gary 5
A Biography of Abraham Lincoln Thayer, William 6
A Biography of Benjamin Franklin Thayer, William 6
A Father's Promise Hess, Donna Lynn 6
A Murder for Her Majesty Hilgartner, Beth 6
A Parcel of Patterns Walsh, Jill Paton 6
Adam of the Road Gray, Elizabeth 6
America The Last Best Hope vol 1 Bennett, William 6
America The Last Best Hope vol 2 Bennett, William 6
American Scientists - Pioneer Teachers Hylander, Clarence 6
An American Plague Yellow Fever of 1773 Murphy, Jim 6
Anne Hutchinson Stille, Darlene 6
Augustus Caesar's World Foster, Genevieve 6
Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt Fritz, Jean 6
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Latham, Jean Lee 6
Children of the Covered Wagon Carr, Mary Jane 6
Christopher Columbus Riviere, Peter 6
Corrie Ten Boom Wellman, Sam 6
David Livingstone Wellman, Sam 6
Defender of the Faith Queen Victoria Ludwig, Charles 6
Drummer Boy at Bull Run Bonnets and Bugles #1 Morris, Gilbert 6
Elijah of Buxton Curtis, Christopher 6
Escape from Warsaw Serraillier, Ian 6
False Coin, True Coin Dick, Lois Hoadley 6
Farewell to Manzanar Houston, Jeanne 6
Flame over Tara Polland, Madeleine 6
Florence Nightingale Wellman, Sam 6
Fourteenth Century Towns Living History 6
General George Patton, Old Blood and Guts Hatch, Alden 6
George Washington Carver Heros of the Faith Wellman, Sam 6
George Washington, Spymaster Allen, Thomas 6
Giants on the Hill Roddy, Lee 6
God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezehiah Williamson, Joanne 6
Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Beecher Preachers Fritz, Jean 6
Hattie Big Sky Larson, Kirby 6
Hittite Warrior Williamson, Joanne 6
I, Juan de Pareja Borton, Elizabeth 6
Indian Captive Lenski, Lois 6
J. Pierpont Morgan Burgan, Michael 6
Jack of the Pony Express Webster, Frank 6
John Paul Jones, the Pirate Patriot Sperry, Armstrong 6
John Treegate's Musket Wibberly, Leonard 6
John Wesley Wellman, Sam 6
Jonathan Edwards Hosier, Helen 6
Jump Ship to Freedom Collier, James 6
La Salle and the Grand Enterprise Nolan, Jeannette 6
Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Donovan, Sandy 6
Mary Slessor Wellman, Sam 6
Morning Star of the Reformation Thomson, Andy 6
My Brother Sam is Dead Collier, James 6
Mystery of the Roman Ranson Winterfield, Henry 6
Number the Stars Lowry, Lois 6
Out of Line, Growing up Soviet Grimburg, Tina 6
Pictures, 1918 Ingold, Jeanette 6
Seach for the Northwest Passage McDonald, Lucile 6
Spy! Myers, Anna 6
Strawberry Girl Lenski, Lois 6
Streams to the River, River to the Sea O'Dell Scott 6
The 290 O'Dell Scott 6
The Battle of Trenton McPillips, Martin 6
The Battle of Yorktown Ingram, Scott 6
The Burning of Washington August 1814 Phelan Mary Kay 6
The Cargo of the Madalena Harnett, Cynthia 6
The Deserter Burchard, Peter 6
The French Revolution Ross, Stewart 6
The Great Fire Murphy, Jim 6
The House of Sixty Fathers Dejong, Meindert 6
The Ides of April Ray, Mary 6
The King's Fifth O'Dell Scott 6
The Lantern Bearers Sutcliff, Rosemary 6
The Last Portage O'Meara, Walter 6
The Northern Generals Reeder, Red 6
The Priest: Aaron (Son's of Encouragement) Rivers, Francine 6
The Prophet: Amos (Son's of Encouragement) Rivers, Francine 6
The Ravenmaster's Secret Woodruff, Elvira 6
The Second Mrs. Gioconda Konigsburg, E.L. 6
The Shakespeare Stealer Blackwood, Gary 6
The Shakespeare Stealer Series Blackwood, Gary 6
The Sun King Louis XIV of France Apsler, Alfred 6
The Truth About the Man..War Between the States Cavanah, Frances 6
The Underground Railroad Perrin, Pat 6
The Warrior: Caleb (Son's of Encouragement) Rivers, Francine 6
The Witch of Blackbird Pond Speare, Elizabeth 6
The World at Her Fingertips - Helen Keller Dash, Joan 6
The Wright Brothers Ludwig, Charles 6
Three Against London Varble, Rachel 6
Timna Travis, Lucille 6
Tirzah Travis, Lucille 6
Traitor - The Case of Benedict Arnold Fritz, Jean 6
Trapped in Hitler's Hell Dittman, Anita 6
Turn Homewarde, Hannalee Beatty, Patricia 6
Vinegar Boy Hawse, Alberta 6
War Comes to Willy Freeman Collier, James 6
William Bradford Plymouth's Faithful Pilgrim Schmidt, Gary 6
Winston Churchill Soldier Statesmand Artist Severance, John 6
1776 McCullough, David 7
Abraham Lincoln's World Foster, Genevieve 7
Black Horses for the King McCaffrey, Anne 7
Crown and Covanent Series Bond, Douglas 7
George Washington's World Foster, Joanna 7
I am David (also North to Freedom) Holm, Anne 7
Johnny Tremain Forbes, Esther 7
Moccasin Trail McGraw, Eloise 7
No Priomises in the Wind Hunt, Irene 7
North to Freedom Hunt, Irene 7
Strawberry Point Wiggins, Florence 7
The American Revolution Anderson, Dale 7
The French and Indian War Reeder, Red 7
The Hawk that dare not Hunt by Day O'Dell Scott 7
The Loon Feather Fuller, Iola 7
The Pilgrim's Progress and the Holy War Bunyan, John 7
The Pilot Cooper, James Fenimore 7
The Story of the Civil War Reeder, Red 7
The Story of the First World War Reeder, Red 7
The World of Christopher Columbus Foster, Genevieve 7
A Break with Charity - Salem Witch Trials Rinaldi, Ann 8
April Morning Fast, Howard 8
Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons Rinaldi, Ann 8
Harrow and Harvest Willard, Barbara 8
Sweet Land of Liberty Coffin, Charles 8
The Fifth of March Rinaldi, Ann 8
The Iron Lily Williams, Barbara 8
The Secret Road Lancaster, Bruce 8
The Wright Brothers Freedman, Russell 8
A Basic History of the United States Vol 1 Clarence, Carson 9
A Basic History of the United States Vol 2 Clarence, Carson 9
A Basic History of the United States Vol 3 Clarence, Carson 9
A Basic History of the United States Vol 4 Clarence, Carson 9
A Basic History of the United States Vol 5 Clarence, Carson 9
A Lantern in Her Hand Aldrich, Bess 9
Across Five Aprils Hunt, Irene 9
Invitation to the Classics Cowen and Guinness 9
Joel …a boy of Galilee Johnston, Annie Fellows 9
Judas Maccabeus World Leader Schlesinger, Arthur 9
Living on the Devil's Doorstep McClung, Floyd 9
Seven Men Whol Rule the World From the Grave Breese, Dave 9
The Discovery of Genesis Kang, C. H.  9
The Life of David Livingstone Worchester, J.H. 9
Up From Slavery Washington, Booker T. 9
Science Books
Title Author Gr
Crystal and Gem Eyewitness 3
Dinosaur Eyewitness 3
Lizards Bishop, Nic 3
Reptile Eyewitness 3
Shells Eyewitness 3
The World's Top Ten Rivers Morris, Neil 3
Arctic and  Antarctic DK Eye Wonder 4
Bears Hodge, Deborah 4
Castle and Knight DK Eye Wonder 4
Everything Bug Winner, Cherie 4
Forest DK Eye Wonder 4
Geography of the World DK  4
Horse DK Eye Wonder 4
Lightning and Rainbows Carroll, Michael 4
New Way Things Work Macaulay, David 4
Ocean DK Eye Wonder 4
Oceans and Rivers Carroll, Michael 4
Plants DK Eye Wonder 4
Rain Forests DK Eye Wonder 4
Raptor! A kid's guide to birds of prey Laubach, Christyna 4
Reptiles DK Eye Wonder 4
Rocks and Minerals DK Eye Wonder 4
Shark DK Eye Wonder 4
Space DK Eye Wonder 4
The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher National Audubon Society 4
The Everything Kids Weather Book Snedeker, Joe 4
Volcanoes   DK Eye Wonder 4
Volcanoes and Earthquakes Carroll, Michael 4
Book of North American Birds Reader's Digest 5
Hurricanes and Twisters Irving, Robert 5
The Weather Book Wonders of Creation 5
How to Raise Horses Johnson, Daniel 6
One Minute Mysteries - Science Yoder, Eric 6
The Complete Encyclopedia of Horses Hermsen, Josee 6
Volcanoes and Earthquakes Lauber, Patricia 6
Reading Books
Title Author Gr
I Wonder Christian Light Education 1
Days Go By  Pathway Publishing 1
More Days Go By  Pathway Publishing 1
Animal Pride Series Sargent, Dave and Pat 2
Busy Times Pathway Publishing 2
Christian Liberity Nature Reader Book 1 Christian Liberity Press 2
Climbing Higher Pathway Publishing 2
Colorado Cowboys Series Sargent, Dave and Pat 2
Friendly Birds Dolch, Edward 2
Happy Hearts Christian Light Education 2
Helping Hands Christian Light Education 2
Make Way for Ducklings McCloskey, Robert 2
More Busy Times Pathway Publishing 2
Saddle Up Series  Sargent, Dave and Pat 2
Young Texas Cowboys Series Sargent, Dave and Pat 2
A Backpack Mystery Series Reid, Mary Carpenter 3
A Question of Yams Repp, Gloria 3
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain, Mark 3
Amelia Bedelia Parish, Herman 3
Animal Friends Series Oke, Janette 3
Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L.M. 3
Black Beauty Sewell, Anna 3
Cam Jansen Series Adler, David 3
Christian Liberity Nature Reader Book 2 Christian Liberity Press 3
Doors to Discovery Christian Light Education 3
Junie B Jones Series Park, Barbara 3
Meg Mackintosh Case of Curius Whale Watch Landon, Lucinda 3
Meghan Rose Series Scott, Lori 3
More New Friends Pathway Publishing 3
Mr. Yowder and the Train Robers Rounds, Glen 3
Natalie Series Mackall, Dandi 3
Nate the Great Series Sharmat, Marjorie 3
New Friends Pathway Publishing 3
Pollyanna Porter, Eleanor 3
Pony Pals Series Betancourt, Jeanne 3
Sampson Yankee Stallion Denzel, Justin 3
Shoes for Everyone Mitchell, Barbara 3
Ten Commandments Mysteries Series Murphy, Elspeth 3
The Imagination Station Series McCusker, Paul 3
The Prince and the Pauper Twain, Mark 3
The Puppy Place Series Miles, Ellen 3
Three Cousins Detective Series Murphy, Elspeth 3
Tippy Lemmey McKissack, Patricia 3
Tornado Byars, Betsy 3
Treasury for Children Herriot, James 3
Zero's Slider Christopher, Matt 3
Piper Reed Forever Friend Holt, Kimberly Willis 4
A Peabody Adventure - Derwood Inc. Massi, Jeri 4
Adventrues of Callie Ann Series Leppard, Shannon 4
All of a Kind Family Taylor, Sydney 4
Anne Henry Series Olasky, Susan 4
Baney's Lake Mars, W. T. 4
Books by Richardson, Arleta 4
Books by Wilder,Laura Ingalls 4
Books by MacBride, Roger Lea 4
Books by MacLachlan, Patricia 4
Box Car Children Series Warner, Gertrude 4
Bridges Beyond Christian Light Education 4
Building Our Lives Pathway Publishing 4
Christian Liberity Nature Reader Book 3 Christian Liberity Press 4
David Copperfield Dickens, Charles 4
Detective Zack Series Thomas, Jerry 4
Dolphin Diaries Series Baglio, Ben M. 4
Encyclopdiea Brown Series Sobol, Donald 4
Escape Under the Forever Sky Yohalem, Eve 4
Frindle Clements, Andrew 4
Homer Price McCloskey, Robert 4
Homeschool Detectives Series Bibee, John 4
Lunch Money Clements, Andrew 4
No Talking Clements, Andrew 4
Old Yeller Gipson, Fred 4
Poetry on Wheels Hopkins, Lee Bennett 4
Rachel Yoder Series Brunstetter, Wanda 4
Rod's Dog Bailey, Jean 4
Scripture Sleuth Series Halverson, Mat 4
Stone Fox Gardiner, John 4
Swiss Family Robinson Wyss, Johann 4
The Bobbsey Twins Series Hope, Laura Lee 4
The Strange Thing That Happened to Allen Brewster Gardiner, John 4
The Toothpaste Millionaire Merrill, Jean 4
The Year of Miss Agnes Hill, Kirkpatrick 4
Accidental Detectives Series Brouwer, Sigmund 5
Along Came a Dog Dejong, Meindert 5
Baney's Lake Agle, Nan Hayden 5
Books by Henry, Marguerite 5
Books by Lawton, Wendy 5
Boy Scouts in Coal Caverns Fletcher, Archibald 5
Caddie Woodlawn Brink, Carol Ryrie 5
Caleb's Choice Wisler, G. Clifton 5
Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 4 Christian Liberity Press 5
Dave Porter Series Stratemeyer, Edward 5
Fire in the Sky Schmid, Christoph von 5
Gentle Ben Morey, Walt 5
Heritage of the Dessert Gray, Zane 5
Jessica's First Prayer; Jessica's Mother Stretton, Hesba 5
Jessica's Mother Comes Home Stretton, Hesba 5
Henry Reed, INC Robertson, Keith 5
Ladd Family Adventure Series Roddy, Lee 5
Lewis and Clark Squad Series Bly, Stephen 5
Listening for Lions Whelan, Gloria 5
Mary Jones and Her Bible Ropes, Mary 5
More Story Times with Grandma Yoder, Mary Elizabeth 5
Naya Nuki Thomasma, Kenneth 5
Nory Ryan's Song Giff, Patricia 5
Nutty and the Case of the Mastermind Theif Hughes, Dean 5
Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective  Spencer, Octavia 5
Riverboat Adventures Series Johnson, Lois 5
Rosa of Linden Castle Schmid, Christoph von 5
Shadow Spinner Fletcher, Susan 5
Skinny Burch, Robert 5
Star of Light St. John, Patricia 5
Story Times with Grandma Yoder, Mary Elizabeth 5
Stowaway Hesse, Karen 5
The Apple and the Arrow Buff, Mary and Conrad 5
The Bird's Nest Schmid, Christoph von 5
The Black Pearl O'Dell Scott 5
The Blue-Stone Mystery Thompson, Eileen 5
The Broken Blade Durbin, William 5
The Case of the Deadly Desperados Lawrence, Caroline 5
The Catch Colt O'Hara, Mary 5
The Door in the Wall De Angeli, Marguerite 5
The Galloping Detective Series Birch, Claire 5
The Great Turkey Walk Karr, Kathleen 5
The Green Glass Sea Klages, Ellen 5
The Inheritance Schmid, Christoph von 5
The Lost Ruby Schmid, Christoph von 5
The Potato Chip Puzzles Berlin, Eric 5
The Puzzling World of Winston Breen Berlin, Eric 5
The Runaway St. John, Patricia 5
The Saddle Club Series Bryant, Bonnie 5
The Secret at Pheasand Cottage St. John, Patricia 5
The Tanglewoods' Secret St. John, Patricia 5
The Teacher's Funeral Peck, Richard 5
The Vanished Note Ropes, Mary 5
The White Dove Schmid, Christoph von 5
Time-Stone Travelers Series Warkentin, Karla 5
Treasures of the Snow St. John, Patricia 5
Two Dogs and A Horse Kjelgaard, Jim 5
Water Sky George, Jean 5
Waterman's Boy Sharpe, Susan 5
Willy's Trunk Greene, Hon Mrs. 5
A Single Shard Park, Linda 6
Andrea Carter Series Marlow, Susan 6
Baker Street Mysteries Series Thoene, Jake and Luke 6
Beyond the Desert Gate Ray, Mary 6
Blue Willow Gates, Doris 6
Boys of Grit who Became Men of Honour Wallce, Archer 6
Boys of Grit who Changed the World Wallce, Archer 6
Boys of Grit who Never Gave Up Wallce, Archer 6
Brady Fritz, Jean 6
Calico Captive Speare, Elizabeth 6
Call It Courage Sperry, Armstrong 6
Captain January Richards, Laura 6
Daring Adventure Series Doyle, Peter 6
Double Eagle Collard, Sneed 6
Frozen Fire Ireland, Mary 6
Golden Filly Collection 1 Snelling, Lauraine 6
Golden Filly Collection 2 Snelling, Lauraine 6
Her Mother's Bible and Hedge Fence Alden, Isabella 6
In Search of Honor Hess, Donna Lynn 6
Irish Red Kjelgaard, Jim 6
Katy Notgrass, Mary 6
Left Behind Kids Series LaHaye, Tim 6
Left for Dead Nelson, Pete 6
Miracles on Maple Hill Sorensen, Virginia 6
Riders of the Silver Rim Thoene, Brock and Bodie 6
Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel 6
Secret Cargo Pease, Howard 6
Shadow on the Mountain Preus, Margi 6
Soccer Duel Dygard, Thomas 6
Sparrow Road O'Connor, Shelia 6
Swift Rivers Megis, Cornella 6
The Best of Father Brown Chesterton, G. K. 6
The Bronze Bow Speare, Elizabeth 6
The Secrets Beneath Fuller, Kathleen 6
The Sign of the Beaver Speare, Elizabeth 6
The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues Raskin, Ellen 6
The Wind in the Willows Grahame, Kenneth 6
The Windjammer Story Villiers, Alan 6
Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Louis 6
Cobwebs and Cables Stretton, Hesba 7
Falsely Accused in the High Sierras Fisher, Frederick Vining 7
God's Smuggler Brother Andrew 7
House of Love Cheney, Elizabeth 7
Jack the Conqueror Bowen, Mrs. C.E. 7
Kingdom Series Black, Chuck 7
Knights of Arrethtrae Series Black, Chuck 7
Little Britches Moody, Ralph 7
Point Blank Horowitz, Anthony 7
Rifles for Watie Keith, Harold 7
Silas Marner Eliot, George 7
Swiss Family Robinson Wyss, Johann 7
That Printer of Udell's Wright, Harold Bell 7
The Battle A.L.O.E. 7
The Chosen Potok Chaim 7
The Endless Steppe Hautzig, Esther 7
The Flying U Strikes Bower, B. M. 7
The Giant Killer A.L.O.E. 7
The Golden Goblet McGraw, Eloise 7
The Peleg Chronicles Series Harding, Matthew Christian 7
The Prince and the Pauper Twain, Mark 7
The Secret Garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson 7
The White Knights Cule, W.E. 7
Tom Watkins' Mistake Leslie, Emma 7
Walty and the Great Geyer Hoffman, Franz 7
What is Her Name Edersheim, Rev. Dr. 7
Where the Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson 7
A Little Princess Burnett, Frances Hodgson 9
A Lost Pearle Sheldon, Georgie Mrs. 9
Babylon Rising Series LaHaye, Tim 9
Between Sundays Kingsbury, Karen 9
Books by Ballantyne, R. M. 9
Christie's Old Organ Walton, O.F. 9
For Whom The Bell Tolls Hemingway, Ernest 9
Gulliver's Travels Swift, Jonathan 9
Left Behind Series LaHaye, Tim 9
Moby Dick Melville, Herman 9
Sir Night of the Splendid Way Cule, W.E. 9
The Broken Hyacinth Sherwood, Mary 9
The Count of Monte Cristo Dumas, Alexandre 9
The End Series  LaHaye, Tim 9
The Hedge of Thorns Carol, John 9
The Lost Clue Walton, O.F. 9
The Nine Taylors Sayers, Dorothy L. 9
The Old Man and the Sea Hemingway, Ernest 9
The Red Badge of Courage Crane, Stephen 9
The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne, Nathaniel 9
The Thirty-Nine Steps Buchan, John 9
The Yearling Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan 9
Wuthering Heights Bronte. Emily 9
Books for High School Bible
Title Author
How to Say No and Keep Your Friends Scott, Sharon
Answers in Genesis Ham, Ken
Do Hard Things Harris, Alex & Brett
God Guy DiMarco, Michael
How to Read a Person Like a Book Nierenberg, Gerard
How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends Gabor, Don
Start Here Doing Hard Things Harris, Alex & Brett
Boy Meets Girl, Say Hello to Courtship Harris, Joshua
Government Books
Title Author Gr
The US Government, How the President is Elected Wagner, Heather 4
The US Government, The Central Intelligence Agency Wagner, Heather 4
The US Government, the Presidency Wagner, Heather 4
The US Government, The Supreme Court Wagner, Heather 4
The Look it up Book of Presidents Blassingame, Wyatt 5
Constitution Translated for Kids Travis, Cathy 6
The U.S. Senate Daschle, Tom 6
The US Government, House of Representatives Koestler-Grack, Rachel 6
You Are the President Aaseng, Nathan 6
American Government Ragone, Nick 7
Economics Books
Title Author Gr
Ancient Rome How it Affects You Today Maybury, Richard 9
Are You a Liberal, Conservative, or Confused? Maybury, Richard 9
Capitalism For Kids Hess, Karl 9
Economics a Free Market Reader Maybury, Richard 9
Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson… Maybury, Richard 9
The Clipper Ship Strategy: For Success in Your… Maybury, Richard 9
The Money Mystery: The Hidden Force Affecting… Maybury, Richard 9
The Thousand Year War in the Middle East… Maybury, Richard 9
Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Fin… Maybury, Richard 9
Whatever Happened to Justice? Maybury, Richard 9
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? Maybury, Richard 9
WWI:  The Rest of the Story and How it Affects… Maybury, Richard 9
WWII:  The Rest of the Story and How it … Maybury, Richard 9

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