Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Request From a Princess

One day in a land far, far away (well actually it was the sewing room), a little princess came to the queen of the land and made a request.  "I need a quilt for my baby", she said.  "We can do that," the queen replied.  So I gave it some thought and decided it would be much fun for the princess to lay out her own quilt.  We pulled out all the scraps and she choose her favorites.   

The pieces were cut into 2.5 and 4.5 squares and the oldest princess came to help layout the blocks.  I intended to have only 6 blocks that were 8 inches, but oldest princess got confused and the blocks ended up being 12".  

Of course there is still part of the story that is needed to understand it completely.  My princess is only 3 years old.  She loves pink and purple.  Hence the pink in the quilt. (I don't have much purple scraps!)

She thinks she has a baby in her tummy (just like the queen) and this quilt if for her. Or him.  It changes regularly! Or maybe it is for the king as she let him use it once. But then she took it back...

She has now learned that all the pink squares can not sit by one another.  They need to be spread out!  That lesson only took 4 blocks to learn!  I hope my little princess still likes to put quilts together 10 years from now since my older 2 princesses don't care to do so!

To end the story, a picture of the quilt back also made of scraps.  It was quilted freehand loops and hearts. One quilt fit for a princess (or her baby) free of charge.


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