Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scraps, Scraps, and More Scraps!

 I have been cutting up my scraps for the last 5 days!  It really does take a long time when you do it all at once.  I either iron or cut until I get tired of it and then take a break for a while.  There are a few scrap quilts I have been wanting to make, plus my scrap bins were getting too full.  Here's what I had done after the first batch of scraps - my "rainbow" colors.

I cut 5", 4.5", and 2.5" squares.  I also was setting aside 2.5 inch strips that were at least 13" long for a scrappy trip quilt.  I am making a 10" block instead of a 12".   I checked my scrap quilt pinterest board to make sure I didn't miss any size I needed for a quilt.  The 5" can be used like a charm pack or cut into 4 - 2.5" squares.  The 4.5" match up with a 4 patch of the 2.5" squares.  And the strips are just handy, they make rail fence blocks and other rectangular pieced blocks.  What size scraps do you cut and what do you make with them?  I'm looking for more ideas!

Below is the second batch.  I haven't gotten too far through this one yet. These are the backup scraps for my 2.5 inch rainbow colored quilt that I want to do.  Or maybe I could use some for the blue, green and orange scrappy quilt.  There's just too many quilts to choose from!

 This is what is left in the buckets.  Agh!  Seems to grow when I'm not looking!  Lots of browns, greens, navy, and yellow-y orange-y tan colors.  Oh, and last night I pulled some "country colors" to make a quilt so those are not showed here either.  Guess 4 years of quilting adds up.  Not to mention that I have made 3 scrap quilts in the past.  But I consider this free fabric, so it must be used!

I just had to show you my young quilting club hard at work!  I started too late on the older ones, but you should see these cuties work on their quilt!

Peter is my seam ripper.  He actually does this for me when I have left over pieces from a quilt back.  Josie is the quilt designer.  She has her own tub of scraps to use.

And here is Emma trying to get some of her own fabric!    Josie had started on the floor, but had to pick up and move to the design wall to keep Emma from destroying her quilt design. 

Josie's finished quilt.  I see some pieces up there that are mine!  Hmm, how did she manage to snag those?  I'll have to find a way to steal them back!

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  1. Oh the kids input totally made me smile! Perfect use of scraps!

  2. What a fun together with your kids. I love the result! Good idea when my granddaughter is with me. Good luck with your scrappy quilts!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I have been trying to figure out what to do with my scraps. Most of my fabric is old, so I have been thinking about keeping my new and old scraps separate. Fabric has changed in the last 15-20 years!

  4. Shannon,
    I don't think I mentioned how much I like your new header.
    Cute kids. I just may have to borrow Peter to help me with some unsewing.
    Are you and Josie going to piece her scraps together?
    Thanks for the tips on how you cut up your scraps. I never thought of the 4.5 square before.

  5. Oh that's sooo cute with your kids playing with their own scraps! Reminds me of when mine were little and they helped me with craft projects too! I love scrap quilts and I so need to do some more also, my scraps seem to mulitply like rabbits!! I have started a scrappy spiderweb but it has been shoved on the back burner now till winter time.

  6. YOU have been very industrious cutting all those scraps. Fun to see your kids!

  7. Scraps do multiply when You're not looking. I finished cutting down a whole bin's worth recently, promised I would cut down any new scraps as I produced them and yet there is a small pile of uncut scraps breeding on my shelves....I won't say what sizes I cut down to, as I have yet to actually use them for a quilt, so they may not be useful sizes after all. Love your quilting club :)

  8. What cute helpers and love seeing all your scraps! When I saw the photo of the containers under the table......I thought they were mine! I have the same system! I also cut little 1 1/2 inch squares....the smallest size.


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