Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Purple HSTs - A Leftover Scrap Quilt

It's finally done!  The entire inside of the quilt came from the little triangles that were left from the purple flying geese quilt that I blogged about here.  I found them in the bottom of the bag when I bought the pieces for the quilt from an estate sale.

I tried 3 patterns with my little 2.5 in blocks:

The bottom one was the winner with all the kids.  I agreed.

Then I put up the top one.  I was surprised that everyone liked it better.  I really like the zigzag, but I think it would look better with bigger blocks. So I went with the majority and got this:

I really wanted to quilt something continuous in the white and colored areas, but nothing came to me.  So I picked this rainbow fan panto that I had yet to try.

The pattern is okay, not my favorite.  But I mostly don't like the poly batting I used because it makes it look so puffy.  Hate that stuff.  I have enough of that stuff left for 3 more quilts.  Agh!  I will be glad when it is gone.   Guess I should stick to meandering when I use that batting.

Overall, a cute little lap quilt for the ministry.  And the price was just right!  2 yards of fabric from my stash for the border, back and binding.   Keep your scraps, don't throw them away!

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  1. Very beautiful! I love your quilting.

  2. What a great example of what we can do with our scraps! Thanks for sharing Shannon.


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