Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pulling Threads from Under Your Finished Quilt

Remember this picture from yesterday?

Malinda left me a comment telling me about the Clover Soft Touch Tread Pic.  You can get one from Amazon for less than $5.  It looks like a really tiny crochet hook.  I found my smallest crochet hook and gave it a try.

I had to do 2 different spots to get all the thread out from underneath the quilting.  I inserted the hook in the sashing (yes, right in the middle where that hook is sitting) and pulled out the blue thread.  I cut it and moved over to the next section and did it again.  This time I gave the thread a good tug and it pulled away from the block and came out.

I know you are supposed to hide it under the batting or move it, but I couldn't.  The thread was way too long.  I am so excited that you can't see the holes in this closeup photo!   Just for size reference the white sashing is 1.5 inches.

I think the Clover pic is smaller than my hook and definitely worth getting.  You can even find them at Joann's for $9.50.  Just wanted to share that wonderful tip.  Thanks Malinda!


  1. I definitely need a smaller hook. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the link Shannon. I have one on order. Those little stray strands of fabric are the main reason I do not like using white in my quilts.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tip! I've found those stray threads in my finished quilts more than once.


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